JoomlaLMS is an aggregate of e-learning tools compiling into a powerful learning management system for Joomla!. It is a fully functional eLearning platform with innovative training / testing options (self-assessments) and advanced conferencing applications. JoomlaLMS is a learning content management system with a wide range of useful online training features for teachers and learners.

General System Features

  • Multi language user interface
    • Language switcher plugin
  • Branding free
  • Publishing mechanism
  • Search Engine Friendly URLs
  • Possibility to edit Graphic User Interface
  • Configure LMS Front page
  • SCORM compliance
    • SCORM 1.2
    • SCORM 1.3 (2004)
  • AICC compliance
  • W3C WAI accessibility AA level
  • Automatic E-mail Notifications
  • Web 2.0 and Ajax technologies

User Management

  • User roles
    Default user roles:
    • Learner
    • Trainer
    • Assistant
    • LMS Administrator
    • CEO/Parent
  • Custom user roles creation (PRO edition only)
  • Import/export users
    • CSV lists
  • User groups and user groups management
    • Global (whole LMS level) usergroups
    • Local (course level) usergroups
  • Self-registration and self-enrollment
  • Registration and enrollment by administrator approval
  • Manual registration and enrollment of users by administrator
  • Customizable user profiles
    • CommunityBuilder integration
    • JomSocial integration
  • Organizations (PRO edition only)
    • Independent users management
    • Independent courses management
    • Independent reporting plus more

General Course Features

  • Course categories
    • Restricted categories
    • Secondary categories
    • Subcategories
  • Configure access level to courses
    • Access level to courses using Joomla user roles
  • Courses export/import
  • Courses templates
  • Configure course completion criteria
  • Waiting lists
  • Set course availability period
  • Set maximum course attendees number
  • Toggle Student/Teacher modes for teachers
  • Searchable course catalogue
    • Tree-view courses catalogue
  • Course certificates
  • Free and paid courses
  • Current information modules on the users Home Page
    • My Courses
    • My Certificates
    • Latest Forum Posts
    • Latest Mailbox Messages etc.

Course Materials

  • Upload and manage documents in different formats
    • Audio
    • Video
    • HTML
    • Text, rich text
    • .zip, .pdf etc.
  • Upload and launch .zip content packages
  • Set materials availability period
  • Create links for any documents
  • Hierarchical documents structure
  • Configure prerequisites
    • Prerequisites for courses
    • Prerequisites for Learning Paths
    • Prerequisites for Learning Paths steps
  • File Library
  • Release course materials in a specified period after the enrollment
  • Build Learning Paths from course elements
    • Add links
    • Add quizzes
    • Add documents
    • Add content pages
    • Add SCORM packages
  • Hierarchical chapter structure in Learning Paths
    • Learning Paths consist of chapters
    • Chapters consist of steps
  • Resume from last attempt


  • Create surveys and quizzes
  • Create custom certificates
  • Question Pool
    • Local question pool
    • Global question pool (PRO edition only)
  • Configure feedback
    • Custom feedback for quizzes
    • Custom feedback for individual questions
  • Print/email quiz results
  • Configure quiz categories
  • Configure questions categories
  • Set number of attempts
  • View quiz statistics
  • Quiz reports
  • Add media files into the questions
  • Different question types
    • 14 question types
  • View and resume attempts

Communication Tools

  • Course forums
    • Integration with SimpleMachines Forum
  • Course chat
    • Chatting users list
  • E-mail
  • Course announcements
    • Announcements publishing period
    • Monthly/Daily/Weekly calendar view
  • Exchange messages and files without using e-mail
    • Attach files to messages
  • Rate and comment the courses
    • jComments integration
    • jReviews integration
  • Live conference
    • Multichannel audio/video streaming
    • Virtual whiteboard
    • Record your conference sessions
    • Learners and trainers video camera
    • Chat within the conference
    • Adjust audio/video settings
    • Upload and play .swf files

Learners Performance Management

  • Track learner performance and grades
  • Configure custom grading/assessment scales
  • Configure custom items to be graded/assessed
  • Export data in different formats
    • CSV
    • TXT
    • XLS
    • PDF
  • Change completion status for learning paths
    and individual learning path steps
  • Track users activity statistics
  • Track the learning materials usage statistics
  • Assign homework
    • Define homework publishing period


  • View reports
    • learner progress report
    • course completion report
    • course materials access report
  • Configure criteria and filters for reports
  • Export reports in different formats
    • CSV
    • TXT
    • PDF
    • XLS


  • Sell subscriptions to courses
    • Auto-subscriptions plugin
  • Different types of native subscriptions
    • Basic
    • Date to date
    • Date to lifetime
    • X days access
  • Different native payment methods
    • 2Checkout
    • Offline bank transfer
    • Paypal Standard
    • WorldPay Select Junior
  • Multiple subscriptions checkout
  • Recurrent payments (PRO edition only)
    • Available for Paypal
  • Issue invoices
    • Automatic invoice configuration
  • Coupon codes
  • View detailed payments statistics
  • VirtueMart integration
    • All types of subscriptions available in VirtueMart
    • All payment methods available in VirtueMart
    • Other VirtueMart features

LMS full features list

Download the full list of JoomlaLMS eLearning software features. For a more detailed features overview we recommend downloading our LMS_comparison.xls and checking the second worksheet lisiting JoomlaLMS features, or the same information in PDF: LMS_comparison.pdf
Still have questions how the features work in JoomlaLMS?
Download a free trial to check how the Learning Management System can be integrated into your eLearning site, try our LMS demo with our specially created demo course, visit our FAQ section which contains the most frequent questions about license policy, conference, compatibility etc. or check out our forum and support center.
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Each JoomlaLMS version is enriched with a number of new features. Apart from that we can customize JoomlaLMS in any way providing you with a unique set of features that exactly meet your individual requirements.