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05-20-2008, 02:53 PM
Many thanks for a very strong product. I am in love with Drupal, but must deploy Joomla just because of your excellent software.

I am looking at JoomaLMS mainly for it's strong assessment. I want to combine it with online training (and actual classroom training since I teach computer courses).

When I reuse my own course content I build like this:

TopicModule=Content, Quiz, Discussion
COURSE1=TopicModule2, TopicModule5, TopicModule9
COURSE2=TopicModule7, TopicModule5, TopicModule48

So my "unit of reuse" is a Topic Module. In a way my idea of a "course" is a "learning path" that can span courses. So in this way of thinking the TopicModule is the "most universal unit" and everything else is assemblage around it.

Since I am focused on assessment - this immediately brings up the challenge that question pools are a "subset" of courses. Actually it brings up the same issues for my concept of "Modules" as well.

Can question pools be used across courses?

Can a learning path be assigned to a student and they can see no other resources in the course? Like a filter, not just a structure?

I guess I am struggling with the "core unit of reuse" in JoomlaLMS. I have built Certification tests that are taken at Prometric testing centers and I know how valuable a

Two attributes core attributes of how I deliver courses include:
*) Always blended with actual instruction (so there is a specific group going through at a specific time)
*) Topical Module reuse between courses. Kind of like a SCORM module, but in JoomlaLMS this same concept would need to extend to question pools and quizzes.

For me the hierarchy of content use is:

Delivery = Set of students pursuing the same course at the same time (live classroom or online).
Course = Set of Topical Modules (from which hang topic level assessment) assembled into a course
Track = Set of Courses run in consecutive order
Course Certification Test (final) = roll up of topic level assessment

I am having a tough time adapting JoomlaLMS as items I usually assemble into a course (similar to a learning path) are not entities unto themselves, but sub-parts of a course.

Is there a concept similar to a "Delivery" in JoomlaLMS where a set of students proceed as a group?

It seems like if a concept similar to "learning path" was put "above" courses (maybe "Track") and could tap into content from any course or entire courses it could accomplish something like this. A "Track" would not only provide an advised path, but filter out all content that it does not include. Perhaps a Track could be a permanent thing or could be a "template" (a "Class" in programming speak) to be instantiated as individual Deliveries which are date bound and relevant to a group of students.

If all the above is considered is too much to contemplate at this point, just having question pools be sharable between "Courses" would be extremely helpful so they could be tapped into by multiple courses. I know that I can copy courses - but then when I have new questions or have to fix old ones I need a separate management technique to track where questions are and need to manually replicate INDIVIDUAL questions between courses that already exist.

Thanks for any insight,