View Full Version : Searching users

09-03-2008, 04:47 PM
In the gradebook as a teacher I can search for students - by entering either username or real name in the search field - which is excellent!

Unfortunately this option is not available in the user/group. Could you please add such a function there as well for one of the next versions???

Here is the scenario it is needed for:
I want to place certain users into a specific group, but do not know the username they have chosen - just the real name. What I need to do at the moment:
1) go to gradebook - search for the student with his real name
2) remember the username of the student
3) go back to user/group management
4) find the person in the alphabetical list
5) edit the student and entering him in a new group
That's a bit complicated and could be much easier, if the search function was included in the user/group management. .... THANKS