View Full Version : Drag and Drop for Documents

10-22-2009, 06:45 AM
It would be great to have the same drag and drop feature for document sorting as in Blackboard.

In the document section we have the facility to use the up/down icons to move files but this is incredibly slow and frustrating. In Blackboard you can simply drag a file/folder to move it into a different order.

10-23-2009, 01:41 PM
Thank you for the suggestion, but after consultation with our team we came to conclusion that such feature will not be implemented in the near future (several years), as our system is component for Joomla, and different Joomla templates use different styling for tables (rows have different styles and dimensions), which can cause a lot of problems during drag&drop. But anyway, thank you!

10-26-2009, 04:55 AM

It would be nice then to have the number ordering that we have by default in Joomla backend.

That would be a big help for those with 100s of documents in courses.

10-26-2009, 04:38 PM
Ok - such ordering feature is already present in some of our other tools, so we'll do it for documents too in our next version. Thanks for the useful suggestion!