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10-25-2010, 08:33 PM
I have withdrawn my complaint. I'm not trying to ruin your business. I'll submit a trouble ticket (if I am allowed to for free) to report these and future bugs.

I was frustrated and disappointed that I was finding bugs in the software that I liked and I was about to purchase.

I like your software but there are some things I just can't understand:
The two bugs that were obvious would have anyone concerned, wouldn't they?
Other strange questions why does it cost more to increase users (if I succeed you tax me?) if the script is hosted elsewhere?
Why do inactive users count against your allotment? This makes ZERO SENSE!
The script should remain open source if its bones came from open source.

A broken wysiwig and the inability to backup courses, I found these bugs the first day I used it. All personal feelings aside you just can't launch paid software with these types of bugs, IMO. At least remove the backup courses button until it works then it could be a patch?

So setting the record straight I still like your software and it may still be the right solution for my client. (They won't ever need tens of thousands of users) I won't list the other open source free alternatives but there are some. Its frustrating and impossible for a consultant/developer to recommend something when that something has been broken 3 times over 1 weeks's trial. It has caused over two full days plus more troubleshooting due to a few bugs. My time is expensive and when I'm dealing with bugs it eats into profit as I'm sure you know.

BTW a button to enable something could be tied to a success / error message. I never touched the joomla core or joomla lms while I was uploading the smf forum. I didn't even install the smf till last night after the problem occurred.

Anyway my apologies for any rude overtones in my last message.

10-26-2010, 03:45 PM
This problem is only partially related to JoomlaLMS, our extension doesn't redirect users to any install.php scripts. As we noted, you haven't installed/configured SMF correctly and used a "not-installed" forum with JoomlaLMS. And therefore such problems occurred. It would worth testing your forum before using it with JoomlaLMS and configuring the integration. How can our application examine if a standalone script works correctly?

With any product (not only software - tangible products as well) a lot depends on the user actions - you can even block your access to the entire Joomla site if you try to disable all Joomla authorization plugins by mistake. What would you say - Joomla should prevent this? But can a software provider think of EVERY unplanned action a user can potentially do?

Public forums aren't best place to get urgent support (but a good place for public complaints?..). We have helpdesk (http://www.joomlalms.com/helpdesk.html) and Skype chat (JoomlaLMS) for JoomlaLMS support - try using it before making an opinion about our company. I'm sure we'll be able to help you.

10-26-2010, 03:53 PM
I wonder if there's software without bugs. I wonder if there's expensive software without bugs. I wonder if I could find a cheaper commercial LMS on the market that has at least half of JoomlaLMS functionality. One thing I know for sure is no matter how hard you try to please customers, you will never be able to please everybody.

brad27, behind every point you mentioned there is a reason that you don't know because you haven't worked on JoomlaLMS for several years like we have. Therefore I have something to say to all your points, but to save time (both mine and yours) I would simply recommend to submit a support ticket and list all the problems you have. I don't think we ever leave problems unresolved.

10-31-2010, 11:10 AM
Hi Brad,
just a few more answers from a somewhat independent voice....

Yes, frustration is understandable.... ;) JoomlaLMS is far more complex than many envision at first. This can lead to technical problems of all kinds - including several bugs. Let me assure you, however, that we have been with JoomlaLMS for a long time and found that bugs were sorted out pretty quickly (usually) - and with a lot of patience in any case.

A couple of remarks about pricing policy.... How about viewing it this way: The product has a price tag that is comparable with similar products (actually, at the lower end of the commercial spectrum). However, JoomlaLMS offers you a reduced rate, if you don't have like 10.000 customers on your sytem. This makes pricing more just and affordable for smaller companies entering the market. (By the way - a lot of software is scalable these days...).

Counting former students towards your license doesn't make sense, you are absolutely right! BUT..... how is a "dumb software" supposed to know, who is a former student? The teacher or administrator has that decision and can delete a student. Well, that means that student records are deleted as well (quite correctly for data protection). Therefore customers of JoomlaLMS have argued for a long time that there should be an export capability for student records. AND .... we got it! Beginning with version 1.0.7 you can export student records. While there is room for further improvement, this is a good example how JoomlaLMS is listening to customers' needs.

Among the things that could work better, is the SMF integration. But since SMF and Joomla are completely different setups, this is a very complex task...... Especially when being new to Joomla, JoomlaLMS and/or SMF this can be frustrating indeed. I imagine, this becomes even more complicated, as SMF and Joomla are not synchronized in their developments. Any new version of one or the other can also mean that the bridge needs to be reviewed........