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Smile Adding a Grading Rubric


I am wondering if it is possible to add a grading rubric to an assignment? For example, let's say I want to give students an essay assignment. I would do this by going in to add a homework assignment and I would set the activity type to "Write text".

Students could then come in and submit their essay to that homework assignment. So far so good.

Now, when it comes time for the teacher to grade the submissions, this is where I'd like to be able to use a grading rubric. What I mean by this is that within that essay assignment, let's say the teacher wants to issue a grade based on the follow criteria:

1. Accurately states the main topic of the lecture (0-5 points)
2. Accurately paraphrases the first major supporting point (0-5 points)
3. Accurately summarizes details supporting the first point (0-5 points)
4. Accurately paraphrases the second major supporting point and details (0-5 points)
5. Accurately summarizes details supporting the second point (0-5 points)
6. Progresses smoothly from one idea to the next (0-5 points)
7. Clear speech (0-5 points)
8. Clear pronunciation (0-5 points)
9. Correct word and syllable stress (0-5 points)
10. Good pace (not too fast or too slow) (0-5 points)

This would be the grading rubric for this assignment. The teacher could then go in and assign a point value to each of the rubric items the teacher had set up for this assignment. It would then be great if the student's final grade could be based on either a summation of each of the rubric items OR an average of the total rubric items (for example, you would add the total rubric score up and then divide by the number of rubric items). It would be nice for the teacher to be able to determine if the student's final grade was based on either a total summation of the rubric score or an average.

This is a fairly common method of grading when it comes to writing assignments, so I imagine there would be good use for this type of feature.

Please let me know if there is a way to do this within JoomlaLMS.

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Unfortunately currently there is no such functionality in JoomlaLMS. We can offer you custom development on a paid basis. If you are interested in such a project please submit a ticket to our helpdesk and we will be happy to estimate this project for you.
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Thanks for the quick reply Helga. I will open a ticket for an estimate on this custom development.

Have a great day!

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