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Default Demo Course

We are wanting a way for people to demo a course without having to sign up.

One solution is to have an account called, demo with password demo and they are just told to use this.

But this isn't ideal since they can log into that account and sign up to other courses and they might not realize they're doing it. We wouldn't even be able to contact them and create them an account since no information would be captured.

So basically what I'm asking is if there's a way to make a course where you don't need to sign in (no there's no reporting or anything)


Have the demo user locked down to one course so they cant do anything else with that user?


Do we simply have to tell the user they need to sign up to demo a course?

Thanks in advance for any help

NOTE: I just realised I posted this into the wrong thread. If an admin is able to move that would be good.

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As a workaround you could make all courses except for the demo course restricted - check this instruction for details

If all your courses are in restricted categories - it means only the members of certain user groups can see them in the Courses List. So if you don't add demo course to restricted category and you don't add demo user to restricted user group - the only course this demo user will see in the Courses List will be demo course.

Or you could simplify the registration process (disable required email confirmation for example) and ask your users to register before taking the demo course.
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demo course, locked user, no sign up

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