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Default php5.ini file on GoDaddy re: ionCube

I am yet another person having trouble getting ionCube to load on a shared GoDaddy hosting server.

I have loaded the ionCube software. When I run the ioncube-loader-helper.php script, it displays my php info - the php5.ini file is in a directory "/web/conf/php5.ini". I am assuming this is a server level directory because it is not in my domain directory. How do we access this file to add the necessary "zend_extention ..." for ionCube to work? If we cannot access it, is there a work-around?

Has anybody been able to get into the ionCube forums lately? I cannot connect for some reason.

Thanks in advance.
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You can create your own php5.ini file for youe site.
take a look at the following threads:
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Yes, I seem to have the same problem. I have a shared server in Godaddy. I would think it would be so important for the joomlalms to provide a clear, one page, solutions to address this once and for all. By the way, the links posted by Den will just lead you to pages of length discussions without a clear answer. It seems everyone is trying and error. Solve it and I might consider buying a full blown version.
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Please check the following thread to get some basic ideas:

1. if you use PHP5 then you need to place php5.ini into your site root folder, if PHP4 - php.ini (check the thread above to get information how to check PHP version) 2. create folder 'ioncube' in your site folder and copy ioncube loaders into it (get them from - downalod loaders for linux) 3. run joomlalms_helper.php - in its 'failed attempt to install loader' you will see the absolute path to your site, something like /home/content/m/y/s/mysite/html 4. determine exact PHP version, e.g. PHP 5.2.x 5. add the following line into php5.ini (or php.ini):
zend_extension=/home/content/ m/y/s/mysite /html/ioncube/
(this line is an example if you use PHP 5.2.x, change numbers at the end if you use another version)
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On a separate note... I would like to mention that the difficulty all the users have when installing Ioncube on GoDaddy shared servers is a problem of insufficient server resources, and has absolutely no relation to JoomlaLMS. Ioncube loaders installation is a service (included or separate) provided by hosting companies, and I guess it's their task to create clear instructions for Ioncube installation. So the angry comments should probably go to a different company

By the way, here is another useful link with direct instructions:

Hope this helps!
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