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Default Understanding the system

Im not sure if i am fully to grips with the concept of your system, i wonder if i could tell you what i have in mind and if you could let me know if it is possible using the standard 299 USD version

I am currently working on joomla 1.5 and wish to create a course system i.e. pages of information with questions, whereby the user could:
a) Purchase a course using Tienda. they would then be send their login details or, if logged in to the joomla account it would open up access to the course on their account
b) Cycle through the pages of the course but be forced to answer a question at the bottom of each page before continuing to the next page
c) login and out of their account and have the system remember what page they were on in the course so that when they login the next time, the answers are saved and they are directed to the same page they left on
d) be able to purchase multiple courses and have the system remember which page they are on each course
e) Have the answers from each question, on each page, display as a forum post
f) Add audio to be streamed from each page of the course
g) Use Css to style the pages where the course is seen to make it fit in with the website template
h) Embed the course in a Joomla article

Thanks in advance for any help
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I replied to your questions in the ticket you provided via helpdesk.
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