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I am an instructional designer for a mid-size software company. We need to implement an LMS in replacement for our home grown solution and we will be supporting thousands of users.

I don't want to spend hours evaluating solutions, as I am confident that Joomla LMS addresses most of our needs. The only thing I need to be certain about - and I need to see it for myself - is that we can make swf files available to our students as the bulk of our content is flash based.

SWF uploading and immediate consumability by students should be native and fast. If I need to implement a third-party solution or it requires complex custom work, then I would probably look somewhere else.

After sifting through countless pages of forum posts and documentation, I am unable to find a simple procedure detailing how a teacher uploads either individually or batch swf files for consumption by students. There is content, but I would feel much better if I could go through it myself in the evaluation that I downloaded. There is no need for scorm, quizzes, and all the other bells and whistles that we may or may not implement. I just need to upload a swf file as an admin/teacher, log out, log back in as student, and watch the video. That's all. I have deployed a joomla website before, so I have some basic knowledge there.

Could someone please post a link on how to do this? Thank you, I would be most appreciative.

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To upload a swf video file please enter the necessary Course and go to the Documents section. Click New document at the bottom of the section, browse the video file on your local computer and upload it. Make the video published so that it is available for students.
Now if your students enter the course and go to Documents section - they can watch it online.
You can also take a look at this tutorial for details
Please feel free to let us know if more questions appear. We will be happy to assist.
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