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Default Questions re: Live conference

Please let me know if these requirements can be met

1. ALL courses will be live conference - will need instructor to schedule course time in advance and for student to register (pay) in advance, then join at scheduled time.

2. Instructor (only) will need to be able to view either a) multiple student cams, or b) cycle thru student cams to check progress.

3. During the conference, instructor will play back a video to all students.

4. Assuming proper FMS capacity, will a single Live Session be able to support up to 25 participants?

5. Is it possible with subscription, discount, or otherwise to allow a subscription with access to all courses, but ability to register only for max 6 of the courses, valid for 30 days from purchase?
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JoomlaLMS is integrated with Adobe FMIS conference. Video conference section is available in all courses. You can publish the schedule on your site as Joomla article so that your users will be able to purchase a certain course on time. Please note that FMS hosting is offered for a certain number of concurrent connections - that is the number of users who can take part in the conference in all courses at the same time.

In JoomlaLMS teacher can view student's camera views one by one only (other students also will be able to view it) or allow students to view teacher's camera.

During the conference, instructor can play back a video (flash video only) to all students.

We offer FMS hosting plans for 20, 40 and 100 concurrent connections but you can purchase Adobe FMIS hosting from any other provider.

Unfortunately JoomlaLMS subscription allows access only to certain courses. It is possible to create subscriptions providing access for X days and provide discounts.
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