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Welcome to our demo installation of JoomlaLMS! The LMS Demo will provide you with an opportunity to experience the advantages of eLearning and get tangible results with JoomlaLMS eLearning solutions.

In this Demo you can try out the FrontEnd functionality of our LMS software, i.e. to use it as a teacher or as a student. To check the administrator functionality please download JoomlaLMS trial and install it on your site. Please note: the major part of JoomlaLMS functionality (creating and managing courses, tracking students progress etc.) is available for teachers on the FrontEnd, while administrator functionality is centered around general configuration of the LMS.

Before trying to create your own course, we recommend taking our demonstration course which will guide you through the process of using JoomlaLMS eLearning solutions.

If you want to be a teacher in the Demo, please register and click here to get teacher rights.

Course categories:
#   Course Name Category Fee type
1 ! JoomlaLMS Demo ! How to use JoomlaLMS
Author: LMS developer
Joomla courses Free
2 Ankur
Author: Ankur
Language courses Free
3 Curso mexicano
Author: Miguel Angel Macias Roldan
Others Free
4 First Aid For Electrical Accidents
Author: Elena
Others Free
5 Medical Journalism
Author: mona
Others Free
6 PS Test course
Author: NOEP
Dentistry education Free
7 Swine Flu and You
Author: Elena Butramenko
Others Paid
8 Test course for managers
Author: Jeff
Others Free

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