JoomlaLMS 1.0.7 is released!

We are happy to announce that JoomlaLMS 1.0.7 is now available!

JoomlaLMS software updates are free for yearly licenses owners, so please feel free to download a new 1.0.7 package from your MembersArea. If you would like our professional team to update your LMS for you, we will be happy to do it for our regular installation fee of $99 - just contact us.

The same goes for owners of perpetual licenses - please contact us to discuss your upgrade to 1.0.7.

If you don't use JoomlaLMS yet, we welcome you to download a trial from your MembersArea or order a license in our webshop.

What's new:

1. Trial for both Standard and Professional editions. Trial version for JoomlaLMS now has all PRO-only features with the corresponding notes next to each feature. Please check the TRIAL/STD/PRO comparison for more details.

2. JoomlaLMS extensions. As you might know from our previous newsletter, for JoomlaLMS 1.0.7 we developed several integrations with several popular Joomla! CMS components including VirtueMart, JomSocial, CommunityBuilder, jReviews, jComments, ArtioSEF, sh404SEF. All these integrations are made as separate plugins or components, so you could install only those particular things you need for your site. Please visit our extensions page to download the necessary integration plugins:

New features in JoomlaLMS 1.0.7:

Organizations and FrontEnd user management (PRO edition only) - a possibility for different user groups (or sets of groups) to work with the LMS independently from each other, with their own users management, courses management, reporting etc.

VirtueMart integration allows you to sell subscriptions to JoomlaLMS courses via VirtueMart.

JomSocial Integration: learners can view LMS-related information (such as My Courses, My Announcements, My Files, My Certificates and others) in their JomSocial profiles.

Improved Community Builder integration: learners can view LMS-related information (such as My Courses, My Announcements, My Files, My Certificates and others) in their CommunityBuilder profiles.

Time-released content: all types of course content have an option of becoming available not directly after the course enrollment, but in a specified period after the enrollment.

Export possibilities for all reporting/info/statistics tools: support of different export formats, such as CSV, XLS, PDF.

Automatic email notifications are sent on various events (e.g. on course enrolment, on course completion, on quiz completion, on purchase, on adding a user to a course etc.).

jComments and jReviews integration allows users to post comments/reviews for courses and rate them.

Learning paths left-hand navigation with expand/collapse possibilities for chapters and steps.

Open links in inline frames or lightboxes instead of being redirected to a different site.

SEF compatibility with ArtioSEF, sh404SEF and native Joomla 1.5 SEF.

DropBox tool - users have individual File Repository based on My Files plugin for CommunityBuilder/JomSocial, which also can be used to choose files from repository and send them via JoomlaLMS dropbox.

BackEnd interface is now translatable.

Course action button plugin allows you to place a start course/continue course/course complete button into any page of any course in the LMS. The button will take a learner to the corresponding step in the course.

Courses list can be presented in blog layout course names with short descriptions arranged in the configurable number of columns.

LMS homepage: can be setup as classic JoomlaLMS homepage (overview of users courses and activities) or courses list.

Latest course activities can be viewed in course tracking by the course teacher or LMS administrator.

Three types of homework: 1. Offline activity; 2. Write text; 3. Upload file.

Discount coupons for course subscriptions.

Sales report for course subscriptions, exportable into PDF.

There are also two major features that will soon be available in one of the upcoming builds:

Recurrent payments (PRO edition only) will be available for PayPal payment processor.

Joomla 1.6 native compatibility.

Yours Truly,
JoomlaLMS team.