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LMS for Healthcare
author Ilona Hetsevich
author 25 May 2017
author Hits: 1469

We continue sharing with you incredible stories of entrepreneurs who have built their businesses on the basis of a Learning Management System. Mistakes and challenges, things they would do differently if they were starting their LMS-based business over, secrets of success and valuable pieces of advice everyone can use to enter the world of eLearning and online training. The examples we bring in our blog are about people who started with nothing but have been working hard to get where they are now. Today’s case comes from the industry of healthcare.

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LMS Quality Management
author Ilona Hetsevich
author 22 May 2017
author Hits: 2314

Last week we shared two stories of successfully implemented online training projects within our blog series intended to take a behind-the-scenes look at building a successful LMS-based business.

Today’s case is from the Industry of Consulting and Quality Management.

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Learning Management System Project Management
author Ilona Hetsevich
author 19 May 2017
author Hits: 2252

A few days ago we published the first story within the blog series “How I’ve Successfully Launched an LMS-Based Project”.

To remind you, the main idea of the blog series is to share the stories of real LMS users, their ups and downs of going from a bare idea to a successful LMS-based online business. Online entrepreneurs, business owners, trainers, and educators tell honest stories you can learn from and get inspired.

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LMS aviation and airline industry
author Ilona Hetsevich
author 16 May 2017
author Hits: 2997

Starting your own online courses business is exciting and terrifying at the same time.

On one side, it is the only way to get out of your day-to-day office routine, long hours of office work and the boss you cannot stand.

On the other side, you take a huge risk and put everything on the line. You have a family to support, a mortgage to pay.

The thought that you might fail, get in debt up to your ears and beg for your job back terrifies you.

I bet you had not one sleepless night weighing all pros and cons, am I right?

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Elearning Experts Interviews
author Ilona Hetsevich
author 06 May 2017
author Hits: 5765

More than a year ago we launched a new blog series called “Experts’ Interviews”. We have interviewed many talented people: award winning instructional designers, experienced educators, teachers, conference speakers, bestselling book authors, LMS consultants, and instructional technology specialists.

All these people shared their experience, the mistakes not to make, obstacles to overcome, valuable pieces of advice and ideas to inspire and motivate.

Today we’ve decided to share the most valuable lessons learned from top eLearning and edtech experts.

We hope you will find them worthy!

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