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Guest Posts
author Darya Tarliuk
author 23 Apr 2018
author Hits: 2564

Student motivation has always been a tough challenge for teachers. But research has shown that there are a few “standards” that remain pretty constant . Add a comment

Guest Posts
author Darya Tarliuk
author 18 Apr 2018
author Hits: 2187

E-learning can be highly effective, but only when employees truly accept this opportunity. It won’t matter how much time and money you have invested into the implementation of such training, unless you encourage the employees and motivate them to learn.

The whole idea of additional training will not initially make your employees happy, since most think that the studying time is far behind them when they finish their education. However, the fact is, training is the best way to improve the employee’s performance and your company’s success. Add a comment

Guest Posts
author Darya Tarliuk
author 06 Apr 2018
author Hits: 2352

Visual engagement in education refers to engagement of students using visual aids. There are a number of visual aids available for teachers including pictures, models, slides, videos, maps, and real objects. All of them are equally important for encouraging learning process and making it more interesting and easier. Add a comment

Guest Posts
author Darya Tarliuk
author 27 Mar 2018
author Hits: 2106

Now, you have an opportunity to update your brain with the press of a button. After all, smart devices are an extension to our brain’s functionality. Our entire lifestyles depend on them and future historians will regard our era as one defined by the smartphone. With this context in mind, you need to download some essential mobile apps into your phone that will enhance your abilities as a student.

That is what we are going to advise you on today. Just a few simple, free apps installed on your device will make a world of a difference to your student life. These blogs will serve in different spheres of your academia. Together, they will culminate to propel you towards success. Add a comment

Guest Posts
author Darya Tarliuk
author 06 Mar 2018
author Hits: 2665

ELearning courses have rapidly become an increasingly popular form of online content. The Google search term alone now pings back nearly 16 million results. However, that doesn’t mean that everything is covered. ELearning courses are designed to educate and inspire people around the world on how to complete and carry out certain tasks, whether it’s improving the SEO ranking of your website, or even cooking a 3-course meal for four people; the possibilities are endless. When it comes to your business, these courses can also be extremely popular. If you feel like your next big content project could come in the form of an eLearning course, but you don’t know where to begin, don’t worry. Here are the ten steps you can take from start to finish. Add a comment

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