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Now, you have an opportunity to update your brain with the press of a button. After all, smart devices are an extension to our brain’s functionality. Our entire lifestyles depend on them and future historians will regard our era as one defined by the smartphone. With this context in mind, you need to download some essential mobile apps into your phone that will enhance your abilities as a student.

That is what we are going to advise you on today. Just a few simple, free apps installed on your device will make a world of a difference to your student life. These blogs will serve in different spheres of your academia. Together, they will culminate to propel you towards success.



Over your time as student, you will amass an overwhelming collection of documents. In addition to your main academic projects, as well as their accompanying notes and research, you will also collect files and plans from numerous club activities. As a result, it can get extremely confusing to manage all of these documents.

Documents – a befitting name, considering the problem it assists in resolving – is an iOS service that will clean and organize this clutter, even if your files are spread across multiple services. The iOS developer behind it has ensured that it supports multiple platforms such as One Drive, cloud, Drop Box, Google Drive, and more. Thanks to this, you can read e-books, edit MS Word documents, and browse photographs in one app, which increases efficiency by getting rid of the hassle of moving between multiple apps.



It is immensely important that you not only accredit all sources inside your academic projects, but also that you do it properly. This problem is made difficult by the fact that there are so many distinct citation formats that keeping up with them is a challenge. Yet, students are forced to master these intricacies since incorrect referencing promptly invalidates your quote, causing all of your hard work to go to waste.

Cited is an app designed to not just make it easier for you to include citations, but to also do it with the minimum amount of risk. Simply add the relevant details of whatever source you are citing, whether it is a book, journal, website, or magazine, and the app will convert it into whatever referencing style you need. Available on both Android and iOS stores, this app will allow you to save vital time on converting your paper’s research material into citable form.

Cam Scanner

Cam Scanner

Converting soft copies into hard copies is no challenge; simply print them out. However, converting physical documents into digital ones is. This is because while most students have easy access to a printer – indeed, many own one themselves – they do not know where they can find a scanner. You can come across a document that you need to scan and store in digital form at any moment, and you cannot go searching for a scanner every time it does.

Cam Scanner eliminates this problem by converting your mobile phone into a pocket-sized scanners. Use the camera to snap pictures of files, screens, banners, and posters, which the app will process to clear-up and polish. What you will have in the end will be a result very similar to the one a complete scanner would produce.

With Cam Scanner, you will be able to take digital copies of notes and files within a matter of seconds. You will not have to rely on normal photographs anymore since even with the best cameras, they can be unreliable and grainy when taken in haste.

Skill Pill

Skill Pill

Researching for every minor thing on the internet can be difficult due to the fact that the reliability of material derived from it is usually low. Skill Pill is your one-stop destination for all of your quick researching needs. The micro-learning platform has a vast library of pre-made videos discussing and dissecting numerous subjects.

The Android and iOS app is free-of-cost to use, but you can pay the service to commission custom videos on whatever topic you want. Short, to-the-point videos available in a mobile format is the epitome of the 21st Century learning, and it is time you join this bandwagon.

Ever note

Ever note

It is very easy to let your life get scattered as a student. This is because you are just now entering the adult sphere, and are still grappling with its complicated dynamics. But you can seize it and place it under your control with the assistance of Ever note: one of the most popular apps on Android and iOS stores for reasons which will soon be apparent to you.

You organise your daily schedule, and plan your studying timetable on it. Furthermore, you can also make notes on it, which is very advantageous for you as a student since the need for jotting points and reminders can come up at any time for students. Ever note will help you put your life back on track: which you can supplement with the aid of the other services on this list.

*Author Bio: Emma Alex is a freelance writer, experienced blogger, and a professional social media coach. Currently, she’s working with Appsocio.com. Which provide best IPhone Development services.

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