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author Darya Tarliuk
author 19 Feb 2018
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You might have experienced or heard it from someone else who finds it difficult to remember what is taught in a conventional classroom environment. I invite you to delve into the benefits of VR in the education system using the following scenarios:

*Scenario 1* - Imagine you are attending a class on aquatic animals, you can hear what the teacher says and follow the same in a textbook, but your only experience about all those animals the teacher taught in the class is through what you heard and the 2D images in the textbook.

*Scenario 2* - Now imagine, that you are underwater, swimming in the ocean, and you can see the 3D vision of all those animals floating around you with a complete 360-degree view. You are able to gauge how big or small the animals are, how shiny or matte their skin texture is, how their vibrant colours attract your eyes, or how each of their sounds differs!

Which experience would you remember more vividly, is it the first scenario,a traditional classroom experience, or the second one, a 3D experience?

It is obviously the second experience that is going to make a permanent impression on your mind because you have seen every little detail about these animals and their habitats. When you can remember it so vividly and you are asked questions about it, it would obviously become easier to answer every single detail with the second type of experience. This allows us to conclude that you can grasp a subject better, remember it for longer, and will also be able to recall it with more detail with the second type of experience.

This second type of experience is what is called Virtual Reality and it is helping millions of students learn better, remember better, and perform better in their exams. Intrigued? To know about the benefits of virtual reality in the education system in detail, please go through this gifographic from EssayWritingServiceUK.

Realtime Virtuality In Education Infographic

Thanks for the contribution to EssayWritingServiceUK

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