We continue to publish the JoomlaLMS Workarounds blog post series which unlock the hidden functionality of JoomlaLMS and help you to save the budget while reaching your eLearning project goals.

The first workaround explained how to circumvent the self-registration option without disabling it. In case you’ve missed it – here is the link.

The second workaround we would like to share explains how to display the courses belonging to a certain category.

You might know that there is a JoomlaLMS Courses Module inside the JoomlaLMS package which allows displaying JoomlaLMS courses anywhere at your Joomla! website.

To enable it please enter the Administration area- Extensions - Modules – Search for the “JoomlaLMS courses” module – Set the Module Assignment and the display position.

The JoomlaLMS Courses Module settings allow you to limit the number of courses and their types (for example show all the courses without expiration date).

JoomlaLMS courses module settings

However, by default, it is not possible to filter the courses by category.

But not many folks know that there is a workaround - to create a separate menu item leading to the category you want to display.

1. Assign courses to categories

JoomlaLMS assign course to category

(To create a new category please enter – Admin area – Components -JoomlaLMS - Categories Management – New)
JoomlaLMS add new category

2. Create a new menu item ( To create a new menu item please enter Admin area – Menus – Manager- Add New Menu)

3. Select “External URL” as its type

4. Add ?filter_id_0=XX parameter to the link, where xx is the category id (for example, http://www.example.com/courses?filter_id_0=XX

JoomlaLMS category id filter

!!!To check the category id please enter Admin area – Components – JoomlaLMS – Categories Management.

5. Hover the mouse over the category name. At the bottom of the screen you will see the link with id-XX.

JoomlaLMS category id workaround

Now the courses will be filtered by a category if a user clicks on this menu item.

JoomlaLMS category workaround

If you know other JoomlaLMS workarounds, please share in the comments below! We are sure JoomlaLMS clients will highly appreciate it!

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