We are glad to announce the release of JoomlaLMS version 2.1.0, which is PHP7 compatible, has enhanced reporting functionality, updated database maintenance procedure and a number of other improvements and bugfixes. A new version is available for upgrade at your Member’s Area, at the Administration area of your site and purchase at our store. ! Please make sure you have PHP 5.6.x or PHP7 before upgrading.

PHP 7 Compatibility

JoomlaLMS 2.1.0 is now PHP7 compatible. The compatibility promises improved LMS performance, reduced memory consumption and an overall increase of your eLearning site’s loading speed. Multiple tests show that PHP7 is in average two times faster than PHP5.6. In practice it means that Joomla! website running PHP7 performs twice as fast.

Reports Optimization

In JoomlaLMS 2.1.0 version we’ve considerably improved the LMS reporting functionality: enhanced the reports’ performance, added new charts and a new Excel library.

JoomlaLMS Reports
JoomlaLMS 2.1.0 Reports

We’ve not only increased the reports’ loading speed (more information on the database refactoring here below), but have added integration with a new HTML5 charts library to make the reports’ data more visually appealing. Besides, we’ve moved JoomlaLMS reports into XLSX format, which, in its turn, will solve the Excel compatibility issues the LMS users experienced in previous versions.

Database Refactoring

JoomlaLMS 2.1.0 has undergone serious code and database structure changes intended to improve the overall LMS performance.

SCORM Engine Refactoring

Beside the JoomlaLMS code/DB changes, in the new version we’ve refactored the SCORM engine to ensure the performance stability and lack of issues with playing SCORM content and reporting SCORM results.

Please note that due to refactoring, the JoomlaLMS update process might take up to several hours on big sites, on the sites with many registered learners in the courses and on the sites with many SCORM/AICC resources that is why it is vitally important to have a full site backup before proceeding to the JoomlaLMS version upgrade.

For example, the process of upgrading a website with 50 000 unique users (active users, taking part in 5-10 courses) and hundreds of courses, might take around 5-10 hours (it all depends on the number of courses, the SCORM resources used, the type of SCORM format, the authoring tool settings etc.).

It is necessary for a computer to be online full time for the upgrade to run. The website will be available for learners in 5-10 minutes after the upgrade’s beginning. The teachers’ interface, in its turn, will be accessible after the upgrade only (the content creation and editing functions are an exception). We recommend scheduling the upgrade to take place on the day with a minimum users’ activity on the website.

Please also check the JoomlaLMS 2.1.0 system requirements at the end of the article.

The release also includes a bunch of fixes and improvements:

Minor improvements:

  • Course logo manager: possibility to remove previously uploaded images;
  • Course Builder: minor UI, styling and usability improvements;
  • Mailbox: improved UI and usability, read/unread feature, new ‘view message’ page styling;
  • Shopping cart: UI improvements, field styling and usability improvements of coupon codes;
  • Learning Paths: UI improvements of LP steps creation process;
  • Teacher/Student roles switching page: UI and styling improvements;
  • Quizzes: “Likert scale” questions can now be used as graded ones;
  • Several CSS styling improvements (LMS homepage, gradebook, reporting and other pages).


  • Compatibility fixes with the latest Joomla! versions;
  • Calendar fields fixes (the pages with the start/end dates specified);
  • Course logo manager fixes;
  • SEF URLs generation fixes;
  • Fixed Mailbox pagination, search features and removal of messages;
  • Compatibility fixes with several 3PD templates and JS/CSS frameworks;
  • Import/Export course functionality fixes: the course/teacher logos and the course homepage modules are handled correctly now;
  • Fixed assignments grades display (on the Assignments results page and within the Learning Paths);
  • Fixed the calculation of discount prices when several different discount types are applied at the same time;
  • Fixed certificates management at the backend: ordering, pagination and certificates removal;
  • Fixed HTML5 video playing on mobile devices (the Documents tool);
  • Fixed several server connection issues with the GTM meetings plugin;
  • Fixed the Quizzes tool timer freezing issues and timer speed problems;
  • Fixed the Documents tool unzipping procedures;
  • Fixed quizzes navigation issues within the Learning paths (appeared on rare specific server configurations only);
  • Fixed issues with playing AICC resources;
  • Fixed a possibility to change the color of all the JoomlaLMS icons by editing the template settings;
  • Modules no longer disappear on the course homepage;
  • Fixed several infinite redirects for some specific teacher/CEO/administrator roles configurations;
  • Fixed the Announcements tool bugs caused by time zone and DST offsets estimation;
  • Fixed the early course expiration bugs caused by time zone and DST offset estimation;
  • Fixed the login/registration redirects bugs during the course enrollment/subscription;
  • Several CSS/JS fixes;
  • Many other minor bugfixes.

JoomlaLMS 2.1.0 System Requirements

Dear clients, please note that a new version of the JoomlaLMS Learning Management System is only compatible with PHP higher than 5.6 (PHP 5.6.x or PHP 7) only. Please update your PHP version before updating JoomlaLMS and make sure you have a full website backup.

Free Upgrade Services

To help you with the upgrade process we offer free upgrade services. Please contact us via helpdesk, provide the admin panel access credentials and the preferred time for the upgrade to run.

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