e-Learning Website Development Services

Basic Package of ELearning Site Creation Services

Our team of eLearning specialists will take on all the work necessary to develop a fully functional eLearning solution from scratch! Whether you need a simple eLearning website or more complex one – just contact us!

For your convenience and for quick start we offer to use the Basic Package of learning site creation services, including all you need to set up a learning site. With this and within couple of days you get a working site where you can add and import content, courses and users. The minimal set of products and services we provide to create a simple eLearning website costs 420 USD*.

*NOTE: JoomlaLMS license is not included into the Basic Package at price 420USD. Minimal JoomlaLMS license price starts from 299 USD/year.

For only 420 USD plus JoomlaLMS license cost (starts from 299 USD per year) you will get a simple but fully functional eLearning website!

E-Learning Website Development package includes:

  • Website hosting provision
  • Joomla! platform installation
  • JoomlaLMS installation and basic configuration
  • Template installation of any Joomla! readymade  template

But that's not all - there are numerous other services we will be happy to provide to enhance your website with advanced features and make it really stand out:

  • Logo creation
  • Ready-made graphic template customization
  • Original graphic design creation
  • Conference module installation
  • Social community installation
  • Content filling works
  • Course creation works
  • SEO optimization
  • Installation and configuration of additional modules and components to extend the functionality
  • Custom development works
  • Ongoing support
  • Plus more!

Contact us and take advantage of our professional learning software development service and set up your learning portal with JoomlaLMS developers team. Our programmers will develop a website you want and provide project support.