The article was last updated on August 22nd 2016.

JoomlaLMS help desk is always open for any questions and clarifications concerning the learning software implementation or usage, moreover we are really glad you have interest in the product. Based on the recent questions, directed to the support team, we combined a blog post, reviewing the most frequently asked questions, to save your time and make JoomlaLMS even more accessible.

Here is the list:

  1. What is the difference between Joomla! and JoomlaLMS?

    Joomla! is a content management system, acting as a framework for the website content. It is one of the most popular CMSs in the world with an open code, which means it can be customized or modified according to the website owner’s needs.

    JoomlaLMS is a learning management system developed as a component for Joomla! CMS.

  2. Which Joomla! versions is JoomlaLMS compatible with?

    JoomlaLMS is compatible with Joomla! 1.5.x, 1.7.x, 2.5.x, 3.0.x and 3.1.x versions. Our new version is scheduled for release within the next month, it will be compatible with Joomla! 3.2.x as well.

  3. Is JoomlaLMS SCORM and AICC compatible?

    JoomlaLMS is AICC, SCORM 1.2 and 2004 compatible.

  4. What kind of users is counted by the JoomlaLMS license?

    JoomlaLMS license counts only students (administrators, teachers, regular registered users are not counted), if a student is enrolled to several courses they will still be counted as one user. Moreover when a student completes all their courses, they can be removed from JoomlaLMS and replaced by a new user.

  5. Which version to choose: Standard or Professional?

    The decision concerning JoomlaLMS versions should be based on the number of necessary features. Buying a Standard version, you will get an included in the license price support service, software updates and necessary customization, provided by JoomlaLMS team, but you won’t be able to customize the component. Professional version has a longer list of available characteristics (the full list is available here) and an open source code, therefore, if you plan to customize the LMS or make changes, you need a PRO version.

  6. What do LMS custom user roles and permissions in Pro version allow?

    LMS Custom user roles feature allows LMS teachers/admins to work only with a specific group of users unlike a default mode, when a teacher can see all users in all groups in spite of assigning him as a group manager of one group only. A professional version enables you to change permissions: when the teacher is assigned as a manager of one group he will be able to see the users only of this specified group. You can also edit the permissions to allow or prohibit certain user roles access to certain course sections or modify the actions available to users with such user roles.

  7. Is it possible to purchase a license with a smaller number of users and upgrade later?

    The upgrade is available, to be more exact, there are 2 variants:

    First one goes with usage period extension, which means the customer pays the license price difference taking into account for how long the license has been used and gets 12 months extended license usage.

    For example, the client bought 100 users license, used it for 4 months and then decided to upgrade to500 users license:

    100 users license costs 299$

    500 users license costs 599$

    Thus, 4 months of 100 users license usage cost 100$ (299-100=199$ remains)

    The client pays the difference 599-199 (which is only 400$) and receives 12 months with 500 users license.

    And the second one – without usage period extension - the customer pays the difference and gets the remaining period.

    For example, the whole period of JoomlaLMS usage is 12 months. The client used 100 users license for 4 months (100$ spent, 299-100=199$ left); 8 months of 500 users license cost 400$, thus the client pays 201$ (400-199) and receives the remaining 8 months of 500 users usage.

    It is worth mentioning, that the support team can count the sum of upgrade at any convenient time for you.

  8. Is it necessary to reinstall the JoomlaLMS package while upgrading the number of users in the license?

    There is no need to upload any new software. It is only necessary to replace the license file joomlalms.txt with a new one in the root folder of the website.

  9. Will courses, materials or any other data be lost during reinstallation?

    No, all the data will remain safe.

  10. Is it possible to create multi-language courses?

    JoomlaLMS allows creating multilingual courses. For example, if you need courses in English and German, you can set different interface languages in the courses properties and then put the courses into different course categories (“English” and “German”) and the users who need an English course will be directed to the course in English and vice versa after filtering the list of courses by category.

If you have any unclarified questions concerning JoomlaLMS, please join the Forum discussions or get in touch with our support team directly by submitting a ticket.

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