Are you flummoxed by choosing the best CMS for your e-Learning web site? Global CMS market contains thousands of both proprietary and open source solutions which go more and more popular every year. When choosing open source CMS for your educational site it is useful to find out which solutions are most commonly used by educational market leaders and start from considering their choice.

We carried out a research in order to shed some light on the issue and learn which open source CMSs are most commonly used by the most visited educational sites by the end of 2012. Today we are pleased to share our discoveries with you.

Research Details

A representative sample of established educational sites was taken from Alexa catalogue in December 2012. This recognized catalogue includes the most popular web sites over the Web having the largest combination of daily visitors and page views over the past month in comparison with other sites.

Alexa catalogue contains thousands of sites of various categories including news and game sites which are very hard to compete with in popularity. Keeping this in mind it was overwhelming to find out that 2% of the most popular sites over the Web are educational. We got an insight into Education specific sub-categories of sites and researched which open source CMSs are used.

Research Results

According to our deep research the vast majority of popular educational sites use one of 3 top open source CMSs – WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. See a market share of the top 3 open source CMSs in the educational market below:

Open Source CMSs used by Top Educational Web sites

It is not surprising that WordPress leads on this market as the solution is a dedicated and widely used flip side to create blogs. Meanwhile complex educational web sites and fully-fledged eLearning portals tend to use Joomla! or Drupal which offer a much larger and extremely scalable framework crucial for e-Learning needs.

We are glad to conclude that Joomla! shares the second position in the most popular educational websites market with Drupal and smashes Drupal in a number of sub-categories of educational sites. See the details below:

Joomla! vs. Drupal Market Share

As  you can see Joomla! is beyond the reach in:

The statistics allows us to conclude that WordPress, Joomla! and Drupal are the most widely used for educational web sites and each of these solutions offers enough features to build a road to your e-Learning portal success.

For information about the share of Joomla! in the other specific markets you might check a report from JoomPlace team. It covers a position of Joomla! CMS in every category of sites in Alexa.