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author 03 Oct 2012
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We had a great experience with JoomlaLMS briefing for Brandon Hall Group analysts and executives. It was a wonderful challenge for the team to enjoy the provided opportunity to present JoomlaLMS and our services to the most well-known research organization in the core fields of our interest – Learning and Development, Talent Management and more. The session was very useful and thought-provoking for both parties. Today we are delighted to share with you the briefing report empowered with unbiased and objective insight into Joomla!-based Learning Management System expressing professional opinion of JoomlaLMS.

JoomlaLMS was assessed by Brandon Hall Group - one of the leading research companies in eLearning.

Brandon Hall insight

" The open-source platform of Joomla allows JoomlaLMS to be one of the most competitively priced systems available. It is consistently at the top of our Low Cost LMS options, regardless of delivery of number of users. At the same time, however, Joomla LMS delivers a wide array of features and functions found in much more expensive solutions. Although some features come with added cost. There is a robust assessment tool included in the LMS that allows for a vast array of testing and reporting options. For a nominal additional cost, you can also integrate a feature-packed social collaboration tool called JomSocial. JomSocial features a Facebook-like interface with groups, rich media sharing and messaging tools. The user-interface for JoomlaLMS can at times seem somewhat busy, as there is quite a bit of information and options on the screen at any given time. The pages and navigation are not as slick as many of the higher priced systems that are available…

That said, users will get an awful lot for their money with JoomlaLMS"

To read JoomlaLMS briefing and Brandon Hall Analytic insight please click the image above.

The JoomlaLMS briefing report includes:

  • - a glance at JoomlaLMS company and its background;
  • - a review of unique features differentiating our product from others in the marketplace;
  • - a description of JoomlaLMS solution pricing model;
  • - details on the company future development;
  • - analyst insight based upon the provided documentation and demo materials provided during the briefing by JoomlaLMS team.


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