The article was last updated on August 19th 2016.

A new semester has just started and if you are a teacher you have a lot of stuff to do on the agenda, especially if you are a distant learning beginner. However, users, classroom and task management, performance assessment, students and parents’ engagement etc. have no sense if your online classroom is empty, right? To manage classroom effectively first of all you need to bring students to the classroom! And this post is about all the possible ways to do so with JoomlaLMS.


A Teacher can enable course self-registration. And depending on whether a course is paid or free users will see different options as to how they need to proceed. For example, if a course is free a user will be automatically granted access to the course materials. All they need to do is to log in and subscribe. If the course is paid the user will be redirected to the course subscription page and automatically enrolled to the course after the payment is completed.

If you want the course to be free and public, but no one but the company’s employees or the users from a certain list could enter the course, then read JoomlaLMS Workaround: How to Circumvent Self-Enrollment in Publicly Offered Courses.

joomlalms course subscriptions

The method is widely used by the course sellers who use a Learning Management System as the means to make a profit. If you are one of them you can be interested in reading more information in our blog: Use LMS to Sell Courses Online and Course Subscriptions Selling Methods.

Direct Link Invitation

If you want to invite users to join your course you can send them a direct link via email, skype, blog post or any social network.

Adding manually

In your administration panel you can add users manually by clicking “Add a user” and selecting the user you want to make a student from the already registered at your website. You can also configure necessary settings including access period and a group the user will belong to. A user will get an email about the course enrollment if you enable respective email notification and will be able to participate in the studies. The method is quite useful when you assign existing students to one more course.

add student to joomlalms

Users import

If you have many students you want to add to the course then adding manually is not a solution but more like time wasting. That is why JoomlaLMS provides the “Users import from a CSV file” option. To import students you need to enter the necessary course and go the “Users and Group management” section. Then you need to click the “Import users from CSV file” button at the bottom of the page, browse the CSV file with the list of users on your local computer and click “Import”.

 csv import students joomlalms

As we can see there is a number of ways for a teacher to invite students to the classroom as well as for students to “knock at the classroom door”. If you are interested in learning more feel free to browse JoomlaLMS video tutorials about User management here.

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