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JoomlaLMS Pricing Page FAQ

How do you define a user?
By our present license policy LMS license users are registered users on your site who are enrolled into at least one course in JoomlaLMS, i.e. LMS license users = LMS Students. Only students are counted in the license. Administrators, teachers, regular registered users are not counted.
How does the JoomlaLMS subscription plan work?
The JoomlaLMS license is annual and needs to be prolonged each year. However, it is possible to purchase a perpetual license and use the system without any expiry date.
How does the JoomlaLMS subscription plan work?
The JoomlaLMS license is annual and needs to be prolonged each year. However, it is possible to purchase a perpetual license and use the system without any expiry date.
What is a Perpetual License?
A perpetual license for JoomlaLMS is the license that never expires. It will cost you as a four years' fee and will include one-year free support and maintenance. After a year time you will need to pay 15% of a regular annual license price for a certain number of users for getting regular updates. The maintenance fee is optional, if you don't pay it, you won't get regular updates of JoomlaLMS but your JoomlaLMS license will be valid.
How can I renew my license?
You can renew your license on any day before the license expiration date (we add a “year” to the original license expiration date, not the date of renewal). After paying for the license renewal you need to download your new license file from your Members Area at and replace the old license file joomlalms.txt (it is located in your site root folder where Joomla! CMS is installed) with the new one.
How does a 30-day free trial work?
A 30-day free trial website is generated automatically upon the Trial Request submission here. If you want to test JoomlaLMS on your own Joomla! website, please contact us and we will send you a trial license and an installation package.
Can I install JoomlaLMS on several domains?
To have a license for two different domains (i.e. and you need to buy two licenses. For testing purposes we can include your test subdomain into your license.
What happens when the JoomlaLMS subscription expires?
When the license expires JoomlaLMS gets blocked and you are no longer able to access the system. To continue using JoomlaLMS you need to renew the license.
When do I need to purchase a Standard version and when a Professional one?
If your business is small or you need a standardized LMS with no custom features, then a Standard JoomlaLMS license is a perfect choice.
If you are planning to modify the source code, customize JoomlaLMS functionality, add an integration with third-party platforms and services, then you need the JoomlaLMS Professional version.
You will get an advanced system of reports, will be able to create custom user roles, add questions from the global question pool, recurrent payments will be available for Paypal Standard etc.
The detailed comparison is presented here
Can I switch plans?
Yes, you can upgrade your plan at any time (we will calculate the price difference for you). To downgrade your license you need to wait till your current license expires. You can also move from the JoomlaLMS Standard to the JoomlaLMS Professional version and vice versa. All your data will remain intact.
Do you offer any discounts?
We offer discounts for non-profit organizations (15% discount for Standard licenses and 30% discount for Professional licenses). Please contact us for more details.

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JoomlaLMS Hosted FAQ

What is the difference between an On-Premise and a Hosted JoomlaLMS version?
An On-Premise (also called “self-hosted” “installed”, “deployed” or “in-house”) version of JoomlaLMS is installed on your Joomla!-based website and is hosted on the servers belonging to your company. An On-Premise JoomlaLMS version is a good option for the companies concerned about data security or possessing internal resources to manage the LMS project.

A hosted version of JoomlaLMS is hosted on our remote servers and you don’t need to deal with the JoomlaLMS installation and maintenance, our team does it for you. A hosted JoomlaLMS version is a good option for small businesses, which want to start quickly and easily or don’t possess internal resources to manage the eLearning project complexity and hosting themselves.
What is included in the price of the Hosted JoomlaLMS version?
The hosted JoomlaLMS pricing plan includes hosting and JoomlaLMS maintenance (upgrades and backups).
What kind of hosting do you offer?
The JoomlaLMS hosting is a shared hosting on Intel Xeon processors with 10 GB Disk Space and 30GB bandwidth limit.
What if I need more disk space?
Please contact us if you need more disk space.

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