With so many LMS options available on the market, choosing the right eLearning platform can be daunting as there are so many criteria to take into consideration. We asked our customers around the globe what made them choose JoomlaLMS and compiled an infographic to share the results with you.


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1.Powerful and trusted Joomla CMS as a platform for your eLearning website JoomlaLMS is designed as a powerful Learning Management System for Joomla CMS - the second most popular CMS system in the world used by Harvard University, University of Alabama at Birmingham, University of Notre Dame, eBay and more. 2.A wide array of features and functions found in much more expensive solutions JoomlaLMS is at the top of Low Cost LMS options, regardless of delivery of number of users. Acquiring JoomlaLMS you choose functionality, scalability and independence. 3.A possibility to add any feature you dream about to your eLearning website JoomlaLMS allows the integration with any other system using open source code including more than 8000 extensions available in Joomla Extensions Directory. 4.Fast and friendly Support service included to save you from hiring an additional specialist No need to recruit additional technical staff for LMS management and administration. 5.Confidence in Your Data security Joomla! CMS is one of the most secure open-source CMS systems. Joomla! security applies to JoomlaLMS and thus makes the software completely secure for keeping confidential data. 6.The LMS that works smoothly with open source Joomla! CMS. It allows our clients to exploit the complete set of advantages of open source for CMS and partly for LMS. 7.Multiple ecommerce tools integration Thanks to diversified course subscription selling methods you can make money by offering your courses on a paid basis. 8.Multilingual LMS that speak your language JoomlaLMS allows changing both interface and course languages and uploading content in the languages your employees and students speak. 9.Social learning to learn with and from others JoomlaLMS is compatible with the most popular social network built for Joomla! - JomSocial. With two tools combined together you can build a new generation of learning. 10.Advanced system of reports to help you build a project that works JoomlaLMS includes several types of reports that can help you to learn more about your learners and their performance.