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Guest Posts
author Darya Tarliuk
author 10 Sep 2018
author Hits: 2558

You invest your life into your job. Day in, and day out, you don’t quit. You bring your “A-Game” because what you do matters. Your job matters, because you are a world changer. Because you are an elementary educator. Add a comment

Guest Posts
author Darya Tarliuk
author 10 Jul 2018
author Hits: 3712

The most recent statistics show that there are currently more than 237 million mobile users in the US, with a tendency to scale that number all the way to 270 million users by 2022. Such a vast amount of users surely brings forth certain changes in the way we communicate online, as more and more online content is provided for mobile platforms. But will it affect the way we learn new skills and obtain work-oriented knowledge? The answer is pretty clear if we take into account how many other desktop platforms shifted their course toward mobile devices. The benefits of mobile learning give us enough reason to believe that soon e-learning is going to become more practical, approachable, and economical. Add a comment

Guest Posts
author Darya Tarliuk
author 27 Jun 2018
author Hits: 2537

The eLearning market is expected to reach $37.6 billion by 2020 , which only means that this technology is here to stay. The question is how you personally will react to it. Will you adopt eLearning for your kids to make the most out of their education or will you decide that education should be less digital after all? Add a comment

Guest Posts
author Darya Tarliuk
author 13 Jun 2018
author Hits: 2674

Writing a good, attention-grabbing text is never easy, no matter what it's purposes are. With education courses where descriptions, titles, introductions and all of the other elements have to be impeccable and compelling, this is even more noticeable. Add a comment

Guest Posts
author Darya Tarliuk
author 29 May 2018
author Hits: 2635

Everything in our life is governed by change. As the years pass by and we grow older, we realize that our mind, emotions, and body are consistently changing. There’s no such thing as fixed. Why Should Teachers Adopt eLearning Practices in their Classroom? Add a comment

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