Blended Learning

How to Make Blended Learning Work in a Classroom

When teachers begin to experiment with blended learning, they immediately face a bunch of questions: What are the benefits of blended learning? Which blended learning models should I use? How to make the blended class effective? What hidden rocks should I be aware of? And many others. To clarify the blended learning question we’ve interviewed a Google Certified Teacher and the author of numerous book on the blended learning - Catlin Tucker.

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Technology Changed Education

How Has Technology Changed the Way we Learn? - Interview with Matt Harris

Over the years technology has been changing the way we live, communicate, educate and learn. Smartphones, laptops, social networks, unlimited access to the Internet, immediacy of information... Technology has become such a significant part of our everyday lives that we stopped noticing it. But are these changes for the good or bad? Have we become less creative and able to think deeply? How to deal with screen addictions and students’ social anxieties when it comes to face to face interactions?

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elearning experts round-up

Top Experts Predict What Will Transform ELearning in 2017

ELearning is a rapidly evolving and constantly changing field that is never at a stop. A few years ago eLearning was perceived as an innovative way of studying. This very day eLearning is taken for granted, whereas the changes happening inside the eLearning field itself are accepted as innovations.

Haven’t you been curious of the changes that will transform the eLearning field next year or next decade?

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Advanced Technologies Needed to Foster Online Learning - Interview with Ryan Tracey

Today we are delighted to welcome to the JoomlaLMS blog an eLearning expert, author of E-Learning Provocateur blog and a former ELearning magazine editorial board member - Ryan Tracey.

The funny thing is that when we discussed an interview topic with Ryan, he chose “Advanced technologies needed to foster online learning within the organization” because he had an opposite opinion on the topic. Provocative, right?

Let’s check what Ryan had in mind…

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Interview with Kyle Pace

How to Start Using Technology in the Classroom - Interview with Kyle Pace

Technology integration has become an integral part of a modern curriculum; however, there any still many teachers who don’t want to use technology tools in everyday practice. The reasons start from the unwillingness to give up time-tested techniques to the belief that technology doesn’t bring any value. To help teachers to overcome their concerns and give insights into integrating technology in the classroom we talked to an instructional technology specialist – Kyle Pace.

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