LMS Video Hosting

Secure Video Hosting Options for Your LMS Courses

Videos are an integral part of e-Learning businesses. The quality of content and the level of interactivity determine how engaged students are in your course. Most Learning Management Systems, including JoomlaLMS, support embedding videos in their online courses.

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Blended Learning

How to Make Blended Learning Work in a Classroom

When teachers begin to experiment with blended learning, they immediately face a bunch of questions: What are the benefits of blended learning? Which blended learning models should I use? How to make the blended class effective? What hidden rocks should I be aware of? And many others. To clarify the blended learning question we’ve interviewed a Google Certified Teacher and the author of numerous book on the blended learning - Catlin Tucker.

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top elearning articles

Our Most Popular ELearning Articles of 2016

With 2017 around the corner we wanted to recall in your memory the most viewed eLearning articles of the outgoing year published in the JoomlaLMS blog. In case you were busy and didn’t have time for reading, here is the Top Five eLearning articles of the year. Please enjoy!

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Elearning Guest Post

Write for the JoomlaLMS Blog

Since 2006 in the JoomlaLMS Blog we have been covering the eLearning industry insights and sharing valuable pieces of advice with thousands of readers interested in the eLearning techniques and strategies they can take advantage of in the real life. We value our audience that is why we are looking for talented bloggers with unique insights and experiences in the sphere of online education, training and business to write for the JoomlaLMS blog.

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