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LMS aviation and airline industry
author Ilona Hetsevich
author 16 May 2017
author Hits: 1579

Starting your own online courses business is exciting and terrifying at the same time.

On one side, it is the only way to get out of your day-to-day office routine, long hours of office work and the boss you cannot stand.

On the other side, you take a huge risk and put everything on the line. You have a family to support, a mortgage to pay.

The thought that you might fail, get in debt up to your ears and beg for your job back terrifies you.

I bet you had not one sleepless night weighing all pros and cons, am I right?

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Elearning Experts Interviews
author Ilona Hetsevich
author 06 May 2017
author Hits: 3928

More than a year ago we launched a new blog series called “Experts’ Interviews”. We have interviewed many talented people: award winning instructional designers, experienced educators, teachers, conference speakers, bestselling book authors, LMS consultants, and instructional technology specialists.

All these people shared their experience, the mistakes not to make, obstacles to overcome, valuable pieces of advice and ideas to inspire and motivate.

Today we’ve decided to share the most valuable lessons learned from top eLearning and edtech experts.

We hope you will find them worthy!

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Top ELearning and Edtech Blogs
author Ilona Hetsevich
author 04 May 2017
author Hits: 5612

You have a good position in a well-known company. You even got promoted a few times. You know your job, your industry, and all the pitfalls to avoid. You are an expert in what you are doing.

Nevertheless, one day you wake up and realize that your life is a boring routine; you want more than just working in the office and performing the same tasks every day.

You want to be in the driver’s seat of your life.

You are looking for a change.

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How to Select a Learning Management System?
author Ilona Hetsevich
author 26 Apr 2017
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With so much buzz around online education, it is not surprising that the interest in Learning Management Systems is constantly growing. More and more people around the world recognize the value of innovations in training and education and start searching for the right Learning Management System software to satisfy the needs of modern learners.

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JoomlaLMS 2.1.3
author Ilona Hetsevich
author 25 Apr 2017
author Hits: 789

Dear clients, the JoomlaLMS team is glad to announce the availability of JoomlaLMS version 2.1.3, which is Joomla! 3.7 ready, has updated translations and template settings, changes in the VirtueMart integration and a number of fixes.

A new version of JoomlaLMS is available for upgrade at the Administration area of your site and purchase at our store.

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