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7 Benefits of Using an LMS for Teaching in Schools and Colleges

With technology development, extensive use of digital materials and changing needs of modern learners a traditional classroom-based approach becomes less and less efficient. To remedy the situation schools and colleges adopt Leaning Management Systems allowing teachers to realize various pedagogical models, deliver personalized learning, engage and connect students. According to the studies, 1/5 of all LMS implementations take place in the educational sector [source].

Let’s explore the ways a Learning Management System can enhance a traditional face-to-face learning environment.

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Our Most Popular ELearning Articles of 2016

With 2017 around the corner we wanted to recall in your memory the most viewed eLearning articles of the outgoing year published in the JoomlaLMS blog. In case you were busy and didn’t have time for reading, here is the Top Five eLearning articles of the year. Please enjoy!

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LMS Features

14 Things You Might Not Know JoomlaLMS Can Do

The decision to purchase one or another Learning Management System is frequently based on the LMS features available and, therefore, the benefits clients will receive if they purchase a particular LMS solution. The JoomlaLMS features list is quite long (by the way, Brandon Hall Group called JoomlaLMS “one of the more robust solutions at this price point” in the research released in September), but what if we tell you that there are even more out-of-the-box LMS features you are most likely unsuspicious of.

Does it sound intriguing?

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LMS for flipped learning

How to Flip Class When you Teach Business Concepts Online. The BITSPEC Case

Flipped Learning along with such eLearning terms as mobile learning, gamification and storytelling is a buzz word today. To adjust to the rapidly changing learning environment and engage a modern learner who is independent, mobile, impatient and easily distracted, teachers have to abandon habitual instructional methods in favor of new and experimental methods of teaching. And flipped learning, based upon growing in popularity videos, is the very thing.

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Effective ELearning Course

The Secret of an Effective ELearning Course [Infographic]

Self-paced eLearning is in high demand on the worldwide market. According to studies, the market reached $46.9 billion in 2015[Resource]. Millions of people around the world choose distant courses over traditional ones, but the problem is that not all the courses existing on the market are qualitative, well-designed and structured.

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