Joomla! Extensions

Extend the functionality of JoomlaLMS by enabling integration with third-party Joomla! Extensions

lms ecommerce integration
LMS Core Improvement functionality

GoToMeeting Conference Tool

Open new conferencing opportunities with JoomlaLMS and GoToMeeting Conference Tool Integration!

To enable the integration please follow the instruction here. Register a free or paid account at GoToMeeting website.

lms ecommerce integration
ecommerce functionality

JoomlaLMS-VirtueMart Integration

Integrate your Learning Management System with VirtueMart ECommerce platform to sell your courses online!

To enable the integration it is necessary to install the integration component. After the installation please follow the instructions provided in the administration area of VirtueMart integration component.

lms certificates
LMS Core Improvement functionality

JoomlaLMS Certificates Center

LMS and Certificates Center integration provides a possibility to validate certificate by its serial number and view list of gained certificates.

flipping book lms integration

HTML5 Flipping Book Integration

Convert paper books into media-rich digital publications with flipping pages using HTML5 Flipping Book Joomla! component. Insert sound, pictures, text comments, links and even video while remaining publications as similar to the printed version as possible.

HTML5 Flipping Book Joomla! component is a paid third-party product. The JoomlaLMS integration plugin is FREE.

prevent multiple user logins lms
LMS Core Improvement

JoomlaLMS and Login One! Integration

Prevent multiple log-ins by the same login and password on your Joomla! based web site thereby securing paid subscribers against sharing their account access.

Free and paid Login One! editions are available. Get the plug-in from the developer. Please feel free to contact JoomlaLMS Support if you have any questions.

leave testimonials for lms courses
functionality content

Testimonials Integration

Provide LMS users with a possibility to leave reviews and feedback on courses, webinars and LMS content.

Joomla! Testimonials Component is a paid third-party product. The JoomlaLMS integration plugin is FREE.

add checklists to lms

CheckList Integration

Add checklists and to-do lists to your elearning Joomla! website.

CheckList Joomla! component is a paid third-party product. The JoomlaLMS integration plugin is FREE.

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