Fast Track is a simple way
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How does Fast Track work?

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Years of experience in the eLearning field show that there are a lot of steps between LMS purchase and a successful project payback. With no technical experience, implementation team and limited resources, eLearning project realization can become a long and stressful process. But unlike other LMS vendors we don’t leave you alone! On the contrary we help you to build a successful project from the ground up to completion!

All you need is to answer a few survey questions that will help us to understand your current state of things and wait for an offer. No fee, no obligations!

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The survey will be reviewed by our team and on the basis of your business specificity and JoomlaLMS functionality needed you will be provided with a personalized proposal. It can include consultation, services recommendations, end-to-end deployment guidelines, customization offer and even out-of-box solutions to speed up LMS project deployment and reduce implementation risks.


Once you received the offer you are free to contact us for any clarifications and details. When the business idea is complete and doesn’t require any changes, LMS project implementation starts. You will be assisted during the whole process and won't be left alone till the project brings the desired results.

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Ensuring concern for LMS implementation and deployment to us you free yourself from hiring extra specialists, hours of LMS training and time waste on technical issues. You get a professional team for LMS administration, ongoing support and content management. No projects launch delays, overspending or low-quality results.

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