JoomlaLMS + JomSocial bundle

Make Your LMS SociaL

Launching a community with all the social tools benefits on your web site is very easy - for less than $150 you are enhancing your own copy of JoomlaLMS with extensive social tools similar to Facebook or LinkedIn. When ordering JomSocial package for your JoomlaLMS website you get free installation of JomSocial as a bonus.

Build a community with lots of social features

Social Tools benefits are all about the communication and collaboration between learners which increases learners engagement with the learning process making it more effective and reducing education costs.

JoomlaLMS aggregates powerful social learning tools with JomSocial - the most popular Social Networking Tool for Joomla! CMS - and delivers the whole package together.

JomSocial – a social engine for Joomla! CMS - already has more than 80,000 installations (used even by Joomla! CMS official web site!) and comes with many features out of the box. JoomlaLMS team will help you to setup social networking to collaborate with your learners and motivate them to build communities with lots of social features such as:

JoomlaLMS + JomSocial bundle

  • Organic groups
  • Activity streams
  • Event management
  • Flexible templates & design
  • Photo gallery
  • Video support
  • Social graph management
  • Customizable profiles
  • Private messaging
  • External social network integration


JomSocial is extremely expandable due to the growing number of extensions with new ones becoming available daily.

Experience Social Learning Benefits

JoomlaLMS + JomSocial bundle provides a secure space for formal learning empowered with a number of key social media tools for social and collaborative learning. Together, JoomlaLMS and JomSocial deliver most useful social learning benefits including:


Customizable Profiles

  • Bios and pictures
  • Communities
  • Social networking plug-ins
  • Friends
  • LMS-related information (My Announcements, My Certificates, My Courses, My Dropbox, My Files and My Homework tabs in user profile)


Informal Learning Communities

  • Learning portal community
  • Subject area communities
  • Course communities


Collaboration Tools

  • Live Conference
  • Whiteboard
  • Forums
  • Multi-person chat
  • Email
  • Events
  • Surveys
  • Files exchange