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Make ELearning Go Further with JoomlaLMS Mobile App

JoomlaLMS Mobile App is intended for keeping track of the announcements, checking the grades and course information while students are on the go. Learners can check how much is left to complete the course or how well they did in the expired courses.
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JoomlaLMS Mobile App features

With JoomlaLMS Mobile App
students can:

  • Check the courses they are enrolled into and access them in a mobile browser
  • Stay aware of the announcements posted by a teacher
  • View the grades for courses, quizzes, SCORMs and assignments
  • Read the information about the teacher
  • Have access to certificates
  • Check their status (passed or not) as well as the status of the course (active or expired)
JoomlaLMS Mobile App
Joomla LMS Mobile App Screen
JoomlaLMS android app
JoomlaLMS ios app
JoomlaLMS ios android mobile app

JoomlaLMS Branded Mobile App

The branded mobile app service allows you
to have a unique app for your company, college or school

The app is listed under your company’s name and icon

Has its own listing on Google Play Market and iTunes (can be listed either under your account or ours)

Has all the features of the JoomlaLMS Official Mobile App plus customized functionality can be developed on demand

Has no reference to the JoomlaLMS brand or the JoomlaLMS website

Has your company’s logo, a color scheme and fonts

  • Your JoomlaLMS Branded App will have its own logo, screens and description on Google Play Market and Apple store
  • The branded app icon will be added to the homescreen of a mobile device
  • Users will not need to enter the website URL. It is already encoded in the app

Interested in branded app?