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Parenting Safe Children

Sphere of application: Education
Country: The USA


Parenting Safe Children educates parents around the world about keeping children safe from sexual abuse. Most people are surprised to learn that one in three girls and one in six boys are sexually abused before the age of 18. We already have an in-person workshop, but wanted to extend our reach by making the Parenting Safe Children workshop available online.

Selection Process

We considered several online training solutions, and then realized that JoomaLMS was the right fit given our size and scope. In addition, our website was built in Joomla, so using the LMS plugin was a logical choice.


Child sexual abuse is a problem everywhere, so the more we can extend our reach the better it is for children. As a small educational company, however, we needed to find a cost effective way to launch our first online training project.
Every project involves challenges, and I was a newbie at online training and online payment systems. We tried to be proactive and map out our needs and ask lots of questions, but many times we simply surmounted our challenges by asking questions and getting great customer support.


JoomlaLMS helps enhance our training delivery and reach. We're based in Colorado, but thanks to JoomlaLMS, we can now reach parents from Australia to Norway and Japan to India, and every where in between. The more parents who are educated in child sexual abuse, the safer our children.


Please describe your experience of working with JoomlaLMS

Annie Gardiner
Communications Consultant
The founder of Parenting Safe Children, Feather Berkower, and I have really appreciated the fast response time and patience of the JoomlaLMS team. Helga and team really took the time to explain how JoomlaLMS works. Thank you.

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