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Swiss Federation of Samaritans (First Aid branch of the Swiss Red Cross)

Sphere of application: Non-profit, education
Country: Germany, France, Italy


The Swiss Federation of Samaritans encourages volunteers‘ activities in rescue services, community-based health protection and first aid. It ensures that the wounded and people who suddenly fall receive first aid. The federation fills the gaps in the network of social institutions by the spontaneous intervention or additional assistance in the field of care and supervision and raises conscious awar?ness for health and prevention of accidents.

There are 30,000 samaritans who are active volunteers in Switzerland in 1,115 local branches. Their 24 regional branches form the Swiss Federation of Samaritans headquartered in Olten (Switzerland). The Swiss Federation of Samaritans was created in 1888. It is a member of the Swiss Red Cross.


Owner's Feedback

Philippe Pillonel
Philippe Pillonel
We’ve chosen JoomlaLMS based on recommendations of our partner for eLearning solutions (Lindenhof School, Bern). Annually, we have 50,000 participants who want to take a First Aid training (10 hours). JoomlaLMS brings us a flexible and stable solution for the necessary amount of participants allowing to deliver the training in 3 languages and use several methods of online payments. JoomlaLMS is easy to manage and offers a lot of functionality.

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