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Sphere of application: Education
Country: Spain


Since 1998 Sociedad Liszt-Kodály de España through SLKE Virtual Campus - Conservatorio Virtual, is offering in Spain and Spanish-speaking countries online courses of artistic training with official certification endorsed by the European Union and the Ministry of Education of the Government of Spain.

Selection Process

During these years, our company has always sought the most modern eLearning platform ready for latest features elearning in Internet. After trying free elearning systems such as Moodle, Chamilo, Caroline, Atutor, etc. we have verified that cheap products are always the most expensive (for that reason they are free) due not only to their maintenance issues but also to the complexity of their use and the great waste of time that you need to learn it.
We have also used very expensive payment system like Blackboard LSM, Education, FirstClass and Saba thinking they would be the best, but this formula does not guarantee success, since they are very complex platforms in which you have to waste your time to understand it. Mainly the expensive thing often responds to marketing and does not guarantee the results that one hopes to have.


Since we use JoomlaLMS we have more time to develop our courses because of the intuitive management of the system. Also our students enjoy with the intuitive face and handling when they take their courses. Another important factor for a company is the technical support. The technical team of JoomlaLMS helps us to grow with new customized features and can solve in a short space of time any technical issues you may have.


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Carlos Gallardo
CEO, SLKE Campus Virtual
The Liszt-Kodály Society of Spain recommends you that before purchasing an eLearning platform for your business, just try JoomlaLMS. You will be able to experience by yourself one of the highest eLearning systems that meets all your expectations.

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