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Sphere of application: Education, Primary Education, Secondary Education
Country: The Netherlands


TICKEN B.V. is an internet based touch-typing course institute started in Netherlands by Martin Beijer. The ticken.nl project provides low-cost course for children and adults to make it enjoyable and quick to learn touch-typing and get certificate. On March, 2010 the project won 2010 Netherlands e-Commerce Starter Award. Already thousands learned touch-typing using the interactive course all over the Europe. Within 1 year and a half the online typing course released Belgium (2010, ticken.be), France (2011, ticken.fr),UK (2011, ticken.co.uk) and Germany (ticken.de).

Owner's Feedback

Martin Beijer
Martin Beijer
JoomlaLMS Team followed my instructions and requirements strictly and showed perfect sense of quality and timing. Having such a professional team at my hand I was able to implement my own teaching method and reach such a success. They showed an enormous amount of knowledge and skills on eLearning technology consulting me on usage of standard LMS features implemented in JoomlaLMS and developing a number of unique features for me. According to my request the team developed special online keyboard for the projects, taught JoomlaLMS to count learners' mistakes and provide special activity reports. Now the TICKEN e-Learning concept expands abroad and faces new challenges. Some languages have special symbols or several keyboard layouts. JoomlaLMS Team supports the project totally to adopt the touch-type course for every country and language customizing the online keyboard and building-in games to the learning process. The project is introduced to schools to give a chance to learn touch-typing in innovative and challenging way for more kids. JoomlaLMS reports statistics upon classes giving teachers a motivation factor. Thank you for your efforts, JoomlaLMS Team. Let's support online education for children and adults together.

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