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Sphere of application: Education, Business
Country: United Kingdom


The idea was to create an easy to use, website that would sell affordable, excellent eLearning content to small to medium sized businesses and individuals.We needed an LMS that was easy to use, easy to customise and had all the functionality needed to make the users experience as pleasurable as possible.

Selection Process

We wanted a CMS that would have the correct modules and components. for our needs. After testing a few and testing JoomlaLMS in particular we decided on the CMS and LMS that was right for us. We have not regretted it and we are pleased the this LMS allowed us to expand the business.


Yes we had many challenges and lots of customisation. This was made extremely easy by the excellent skills of JoomlaLMS support team and in particular Helga has always been fantastic. We changed completely the look of the LMS and had some excellent help in making things work exactly how we wanted it too.


JoomlaLMS is integral to our Business. It helps our learners use nearly a faultless LMS and walk away with a happy experience of using TrainingCourse.com.

Owner's Feedback

Simon Wellard
Pleasurable, Helpful, Excellent Service.
I would recommend JoomlaLMS to anyone that needs an excellent LMS solution and whenever support is needed you will receive the best support I have ever encountered from a program or Component.

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