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With JoomlaLMS Learning Management System

You are not constrained by out-of-box Learning Management System functionality and can make JoomlaLMS meet your training/eLearning needs

Don't need to worry about security restrictions for storing private date as JoomlaLMS is integrated into your website

Can teach students, train employees or sell courses online. JoomlaLMS suits all business sizes and industries

Can white-label your Learning Management System and remove any references to JoomlaLMS

Can start from a smaller amount of users and upgrade LMS as your company's size grows

Can request Learning Management System support assistance if any technical issues arises

Learning Management System Features

SCORM and AICC Compatibility

Save time on content creation, easily export-import eLearning materials and apply different eLearning techniques

Android and iOS Compatible Mobile App

Make mobile learning possible. You can use both an official mobile app or order a branded one with your own logo and listing on Play Market and iTunes

Advanced Ecommerce Capabilities

Sell courses using a variety of ecommerce tools integrated, issue invoices, generate coupons, discounts and fee trials

Live/Video Conferencing

Schedule live conferences and webinars within JoomlaLMS framework. Apply blended learning technique

Comprehensive Tracking and Reporting

Stay in the know of an eLearning/training process, find gaps in students knowledge and bring necessary changes

Joomla! CMS as a Platform for Your Project

Extend default JoomlaLMS functionality by adding integration with numerous Joomla! extensions. Have a full control over CMS and LMS

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