JoomlaLMS helps to enhance our training delivery and reach
I switched to JoomlaLMS about 8 years ago

I administer a moderately sized educational website (instructional material, quizzes, and certificates). It is built on the Joomla platform and we have about 10K users with about 300 actively using the site at any given time. After much research and trail and error, I switched to JoomlaLMS about 8 years ago. Here are reasons why:

Cost is a big factor in our operation. If costs are not reasonable, we cannot continue to operate.

  1. The Joomla platform is robust, very cost effective, and can be administered by someone (me) with a moderate knowledge of IT, coding, etc.
  2. JoomlaLMS is fully functional out of the box and again only requires a moderate level of IT/website skills to administer. The software continues to be developed/improved over time.
  3. JoomlaLMS support is outstanding. It is timely, patient, and friendly.
  4. The fees are not insignificant, but they are fair, and they are scaled to the size of your user base. When it comes to paying fees, remember that you want a company to partner with that makes enough money to be profitable and stay in business. It would be a major problem for me if I had to migrate to another LMS system
This flexibility make JoomlaLMS far more powerful than is seen at first glance

We needed a learning platform that integrated with Joomla and Articulate, was simple to use - with the possibility of customisation and work-arounds when that was not possible. We liked the clean simple layout and ease with which students and administrators can find their way around.

Pros: In every instance that we had, where customisation was not possible, we were able to find a satisfactory work-around. For example, if students need to sit a final, external exam that is not part of the online training , the results can be manually added via JoomlaLMS. No other moderately-priced programme that we looked at was able to do this. This flexibility make JoomlaLMS far more powerful than is seen at first glance.

Cons: There is no user-based forum. Whilst the support is excellent and JoomlaLMS staff is endlessly patient and prompt at answering the queries, I do think that the exchange of ideas and work around that users have found could really benefit the community.

Advice to Buyers: In order to customise, and not get overwritten in an upgrade, a reasonable knowledge of Joomla and how it works is required. This is possible without an in-depth knowledge of php or hacking into core files.

Mobile, flexible and at the right price point
I am blown away by how robust and feature rich Joomla LMS is
JoomlaLMS Analyst Insights

The open-source platform of Joomla allows JoomlaLMS to be one of the most competitively priced systems available. It is consistently at the top of our Low Cost LMS options, regardless of delivery of number of users. At the same time, however, Joomla LMS delivers a wide array of features and functions found in much more expensive solutions. Although some features come with added cost. There is a robust assessment tool included in the LMS that allows for a vast array of testing and reporting options. For a nominal additional cost, you can also integrate a feature-packed social collaboration tool called JomSocial. JomSocial features a Facebook-like interface with groups, rich media sharing and messaging tools. The user-interface for JoomlaLMS can at times seem somewhat busy, as there is quite a bit of information and options on the screen at any given time. The pages and navigation are not as slick as many of the higher priced systems that are available. That said, users will get an awful lot for their money with JoomlaLMS.

Reliable Learning Management System, solid support and stable system
We have been using this LMS since 2009 and to deliver e-learning to project and programme managers around the world. We have found the LMS to be very reliable, fully featured with very few problems. Any problems have been resolved very quick by the customer support team at Joomal LMS
The team is easy to deal with and very professional
The JoomlaLMS team has been thoughtful and helpful throughout our implementation of our Online Training Campus. The team is easy to deal with and very professional. Since implementation of the JoomlaLMS solution we have realized over a ten-fold increase in the number of graduates from our training program versus our live training courses. This was done with very little cost and very little additional customization. The JoomlaLMS package is very well thought out and the developers actually listen to their customers and make improvements and enhancements to the product based on the input of those customers. We have been very pleased with our decision to implement JoomlaLMS and I fully expect to continue our relationship with them for a long time.
We are very happy with the software security features
Why did we choose JoomlaLMS?
Because we were looking for the most effective product on the market and Joomla offers one of the most powerful content management systems in the world which is used by amongst others Harvard University, University of Alabama in Birmingham, University of Notre Dame, EBAY and many more.
In addition we were very happy with the software security features, with JoomlaLMS being one of the most secure open source software’s with complete security for the maintenance of confidential data.
Thank you for your efforts, JoomlaLMS Team.
JoomlaLMS Team followed my instructions and requirements strictly and showed perfect sense of quality and timing. Having such a professional team at my hand I was able to implement my own teaching method and reach such a success. They showed an enormous amount of knowledge and skills on eLearning technology consulting me on usage of standard LMS features implemented in JoomlaLMS and developing a number of unique features for me. According to my request the team developed special online keyboard for the projects, taught JoomlaLMS to count learners' mistakes and provide special activity reports. Now the TICKEN e-Learning concept expands abroad and faces new challenges. Some languages have special symbols or several keyboard layouts. JoomlaLMS Team supports the project totally to adopt the touch-type course for every country and language customizing the online keyboard and building-in games to the learning process. The project is introduced to schools to give a chance to learn touch-typing in innovative and challenging way for more kids. JoomlaLMS reports statistics upon classes giving teachers a motivation factor. Thank you for your efforts, JoomlaLMS Team. Let's support online education for children and adults together.
Pleasurable, helpful, excellent service
Pleasurable, Helpful, Excellent Service
I would recommend JoomlaLMS to anyone that needs an excellent LMS solution and whenever support is needed you will receive the best support I have ever encountered from a program or Component.
The best LMS system for Joomla!
We have been using JoomlaLMS since 2012 and I found the company as being excellent with a very good and knowledgeable team who can help and answer questions whenever any difficulty occurs. It has an easy to use interface for both front and back end. JoomlaLMS company has been chosen because it has the best LMS system for Joomla and the costs and services are compatible on the international market.
My JoomlaLMS team is fantastic!

My JoomlaLMS team is fantastic! They worked with me from the very start to ensure a successful training site. We had a great deal of customization work done and they fulfilled our every need. Their attention to detail and timely delivery has been incredible. I am very grateful for their expertise and friendly customer service. They made me feel comfortable and confident that we were going to deliver a great product. Today over 2,500 users are signed up for this training site and the customized reporting and management structure they created is working flawlessly!

Great Job! and Thanks Again!

Excellent service

I would like to commend JoomlaLMS for excellent service and technical ability in programming a custom component for my company.

They provided me with superior service and have an excellent liaison between the programmer and my organization. They have been informative and quick to respond with all of my inquiries. The programmers/developers have once again shown why JoomlaLMS is the best company for Joomla! components. The program works exactly to my specifications. I am impressed. I look forward to continuing our working relationship between myself and JoomlaLMS.

Highly customised version of JoomlaLMS
We worked closely with the team at JoomlaLMS over a four month period to develop a highly customised version of JoomlaLMS for one of our most important clients. Despite our demanding specification, tight deadlines and many additions to the original plan, the team where always easy to deal with, professional and highly responsive. In particular I would highlight their ability to solve complex problems quickly and without fuss. There were no issues concerning our different native languages and the project was delivered to plan and on budget. Well done to all at JoomlaLMS and we look forward to working with you on future projects.
Great service, component, and patience ;)
Thank you for your great service, component, and patience ;)

I'm working all day with your component making my online courses to my clients and every day I think your component is the best option that I can choose.

Thank you another time.