JoomlaLMS Support Policy

General Support Policy conditions:

JoomlaLMS technical support and software updates are included into our annual license price.

We are based in Europe and consult in English. Our time zone is GMT+3. If you are looking for local support in your region, please view the list of our distributors.

What is included into support and software updates:

  • Our team solving technical issues in trial and licensed copies of JoomlaLMS
  • Information and advice on JoomlaLMS usage and maintenance
  • Pre-sales and sales questions

Our response time:

We process support requests from 7AM to 4PM GMT/UTC Monday through Friday.

Our AVERAGE response times:

  • Requests that do not require programmers attention (general, sales, LMS usage): 30 minutes for inquiries submitted on business hours GMT+2 Monday through Friday (ASAP for the rest).
  • Requests that require programmers attention (technical problems, custom development quote requests): 1 business day.

Our MAXIMUM response time is 2 business days.

The ways to contact us for technical support:

  • Helpdesk. Helpdesk is our strong preference, as this way is the most organized and easy to maintain and track.
  • Live chat. Recommended only for general and sales questions, not recommended for technical problems.
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Recommended for general and functionality questions/discussions.

When submitting a request, please submit it to one source only! If you don't find the above terms suitable for you, please feel free to contact us to discuss a custom support plan for you.

We do our best to secure your data and to be
GDPR compliant.

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Please note that 3rd party cookies may still be encountered on the pages with social media "share" and "like" buttons.

We anonymize your IP address on the server side so your IP is not tracked by any means.

We will do our best to provide maximum transparency in future if anything will change.

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