You have probably noticed that JoomlaLMS website has got a new interface, haven’t you? If not, we would like to invite you to take a tour around and let us know what you think!

joomlalms new website

Our old website has served us well for the past few years but technology changes and world tendencies show that we all need websites that are intuitive, easy to navigate and browse no matter what type of devices we use. Don’t you agree? That is why we did our best to redesign the website to be in line with modern tendencies and provide a better user experience. What is new?

Mobile Responsiveness

Our new website is mobile responsive and can be viewed via desktop, tablet or a mobile phone. It means that you can have access to useful LMS information without any limitations.

joomlalms website is responsive New Helpdesk

We integrated native Joomla! support system that we hope will help to provide a comprehensive level of support. However, the platform change can lead to old ticket conversation loss (a conversation will continue in a new ticket). In case the old ticket contained important data, please let JoomlaLMS support manager know and we will fix it.

joomlalms helpdesk Forum is no longer available

Our new website doesn’t contain a Forum section. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us by submitting a ticket for the helpdesk team.

New Payment System Integration

In addition to the existing payment methods we added a possibility to buy JoomlaLMS editions and services directly at our website using a regular credit or debit card. The process is totally secure as we use HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) to encrypt all the confidential data.

Website Structure

We redesigned old pages’ layout and added some new ones such as individual showcase pages, Fast Track service, knowledge base blog section and many more. We tried not to change the website structure fundamentally and just regrouped a few pages to make the data more organized (for example, JoomlaLMS trial can be found under Pricing menu tab or Resellers’ levels section is within Partnership Program page). However, if you find any difficulties navigating the website, finding necessary information, errors or broken links, please let us know (in the comments below or by submitting a ticket for the helpdesk department).

Although much has been changed, all the website credentials you have used and the activities history is kept.

We will highly appreciate it if you let us know your opinion about our new website.

Kind regards,
JoomlaLMS Team