Joomla LMS

We are glad to announce the release of JoomlaLMS 2.0.3 version. A new version brings such new features as new course settings, new payment methods, new modules, Italian and Hungarian translations, a number of layout and UI improvements and fixes that address recent Joomla! CMS updates issues. JoomlaLMS 2.0.3 is available for upgrade at the administration area of your websites (if you already have version 2.x installed).

JoomlaLMS 2.0.3 New Features


New Course Settings

Starting from version 2.0.3 it is possible to configure the way students see the course resources results. For example, you can determine whether the Learning path progress is shown as a progress bar or as “Completed/Incomplete”, Quiz results are shown as points or as “Passed/Failed” etc.)

JoomlaLMS Resources result view

New Payment Methods

In version 2.0.3 we added 2 new payments methods: RoboKassa and Free trial. Free trial payment allows a student to enroll in the selected paid course free of charge for a limited period of time (can be used once per course).

JoomlaLMS free trial payment method

Italian and Hungarian languages

Thanks to our clients, JoomlaLMS is now available in Italian and Hungarian languages.

New Modules: “My courses” and “Switch Course”

We added a new module “My courses” to display a list of user’s courses on any Joomla! website page and “Switch Course” to toggle between several courses.

JoomlaLMS 2.0.3 Improvements


Registration/Login Process

We improved the registration/login process during the enrollment/checkout. Now a user doesn’t need to leave the checkout page to process the course purchase.

JoomlaLMS subscription checkout page

Mobile Compatibility

Touch screen support for Drag&Drop questions as well as better optimization for various LMS elements (login, top header, and menu) were added.

Payment Improvements

We improved the Back End payments search feature, added information about the “coupon code” used and a filter “by a coupon code”. We also enhanced the check-out using the '' payment method, in particular, inserted additional instructions with the tooltip images to help to enter the credit card information.

Filter by Category

The filter by category got improved. Now the courses are filtered without the page reloading.

Course Topics Management

Starting from version 2.0.3 it is possible to add resources from the File Library to the Topics.

Performance Improvements

We aded new indexes to tables, optimized several resource-intensive queries and improved database structure.

Other Improvements

We added the "New/Import" buttons to the ‘My Courses’ module at the JoomlaLMS homepage, improved the JoomlaLMS install/upgrade process and the Quizzes statistics report layout.

JoomlaLMS course action button

JoomlaLMS 2.0.3 Fixes


JoomlaLMS 2.0.3 fixes include:

  • UI/CSS fixes for cart pages and checkout process;
  • Session-relates fixes (an issue with remembering filter states, a problem with teacher/student switching mode);
  • VirtueMart integration fixes (VM 3.x compatibility fixes, post-checkout enrollment fixes and improvements);
  • “MySQL PDO” database driver fatal error fixes;
  • SCORM player UI styling, SqueezeBox layout and IE compatibility fixes;
  • Courses import by uploading a file fixes;
  • Creating/editing resources fixes;
  • ‘Users management’ pages of the courses fixes;
  • TAX estimation, new geolocation service to correctly detect country/state by IP fixes;

JoomlaLMS version 2.0.3 is available for testing at JoomlaLMS Demo website and upgrade at the Administration Area of your Joomla! Websites.

Test Demo

If you are interested in JoomlaLMS and testing its functionality, please send us a free trial request and we will create an individual demo website for you.

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