Putting a new business idea into practice is an exciting and overwhelming process at the same time. ELearning field is an industry of choice and nothing seems to prevent newcomers from the potential payout, however, as our experience on the eLearning market shows, LMS purchase doesn’t guarantee return on investments. To build a successful project experience, resources and a strong strategy are required. Not to end in a downfall and reach the desired results we offer you a new approach to the idea realization called Fast Track!

Fast Track is the simplest way to launch your eLearning project. You trust your eLearning idea realization to the team of professionals with 10 years’ experience on the eLearning market, cut costs and get insured against LMS implementation risks and eLearning project delays.

The goal is to help you to build a profitable project and lead JoomlaLMS support to the next level, showing that we are the vendors that don’t leave the clients alone till the project brings the desired results!

The Fast Track benefits include:

  • No need to spend time on hiring specialists, conducting interviews and building the team that can’t get along;
  • You cut costs as Fast Track idea is close to outsourcing: no infrastructure fees, monthly salary and taxes payments;
  • You save time as you secure yourself against poor implementation, reprocessing and delays;
  • You get a reliable assistance that helps you to avoid common pitfalls.

How does Fast Track work?

  1. You answer the survey questions that help us to get an idea of your project.
  2. We contact you with an individual proposal on how we can bring your business to success.
  3. After the project is discussed and the necessary changes are made, the project idea realization starts.
  4. You have full control of the development process and are free to add any modifications.
  5. The collaboration doesn’t stop till the business goal is reached.

Why wait? Fill in the survey today to start work on your idea implementation tomorrow!

Fast Track Survey

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