eLearning becomes more and more popular for modern day healthcare and rescue service providers being a convenient alternative to the hands-on course approach. JoomlaLMS provides the complete set of options necessary for delivering flexible and accessible programs for the medical certification services online. Today JoomlaLMS project went forward at a steady gait to penetrate online medical certification and recertification market.

See 2 examples of JoomlaLMS implementation by medical establishments - The Nurse Oncology Education Program (NOEP) and The Swiss Samaritans Federation (ASS) - at JoomlaLMS show case area.


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In order to cut out all the hype of common phrases and focus on what really works for medical institutions to bring about effective eLearning we engaged an online medical education professional to our blog. Today we are glad to give him a possibility to share his eLearning project details and ongoing experience with JoomlaLMS with you in an interview.

Meet Philippe Pillonel, eLearning Project Manager at The Swiss Samaritans Federation (an affiliate to the Swiss Red Cross).

Philippe Pillonel
eLearning Project Manager at
The Swiss Samaritans Federation (ASS)

JoomlaLMS Team – Hi, Philippe. It was really inspiring to see your positive feedback about JoomlaLMS on Twitter and find you ready to share more details about your implementation having more than 10,000 users/ year. Could you please briefly introduce Swiss Samaritan and give us an idea of your role within the eLearning project?

Philippe Pillonel – Surely, I can. The Swiss Samaritans Federation encourages volunteers‘ activities in rescue services, community-based health protection and first aid. It ensures that the wounded and people who suddenly fall receive first aid. The federation fills the gaps in the network of social institutions by the spontaneous intervention or additional assistance in the field of care and supervision and raises conscious awareness for health and prevention of accidents. The Swiss Federation of Samaritans is an affiliate to the Swiss Red Cross as its rescue organization. I'm working at the head office, in the training team, as a person responsible for the First Aid courses we are proposing to the population, and as eLearning Project Manager.

JoomlaLMS Team - What were the project requirements for a Learning Management System when considering the solutions?

Philippe Pillonel - The project requirements are to have a stable product, and as easy and flexible as possible. We have over 50'000 participants yearly attending our trainings. More than 10’000 prefer eLearning to offline training now and we expect this number to go up. We need something stable and easy. When 1% of our participants are asking us a question because of technical problems or they don't understand how to login, or how it works, that is asking us too much resources. We also have to accept online payments, and for teenagers. JoomlaLMS is offering us a possibility to easily accept credit cards, our national debit cards, PayPal and a coupon system. We also need a very good SCORM compatibility. JoomlaLMS is offering us all those possibilities, and a lot of possibilities to extend the system, with custom development as well as with Joomla! plugins.

JoomlaLMS Team - How is JoomlaLMS being used within the online First Aid training project?

Philippe Pillonel - JoomlaLMS is used to deliver SCORM content and a certificate at the end. We also plan to use forum, homework's, additional quiz, and document database.

JoomlaLMS Team - What are the key advantages of using JoomlaLMS for the project that make a difference?

Philippe Pillonel - The difference was flexibility (extension possibilities) and really efficient SCORM compatibility, as well as the simplicity to use as a participant.

JoomlaLMS Team - What new features would you like to be added to JoomlaLMS or request as a custom development?

Philippe Pillonel - We would need a Tablet compatibility, the possibility to verify a certificate number online within a form.

JoomlaLMS Team –It is really important nowadays to keep your eLearning multi-device compatible. For your information Mobile delivery capabilities for JoomlaLMS users are under implementation now and we expect to release this functionality in March, 2013. We will consider adding Tablet compatibility to our road map just after that. Philippe, thank you for being proactive.

Feel free to take advantage of our price reasonable custom development service. We will be glad to make JoomlaLMS Tablet compatible for you, implement online certificate number verification and more for your needs.

JoomlaLMS Team - What is your personal experience with JoomlaLMS solution and the team? How likely is it that you will personally continue using JoomlaLMS and collaborating on new projects in future?

Philippe Pillonel - My personal experience is that JoomlaLMS is easy to use, and it just works. No problems. I will surely continue to use JoomlaLMS, we already have a new project now and I don’t plan to launch one more new project. If I did, I would stay with JoomlaLMS.

This feedback is a well-deserved praise for our enthusiastic work and caring about the needs of our clients.

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