Quiz Force

QuizForce Authoring Tool

QuizForce Authoring Tool provides a comprehensive and user friendly set of tools for creating highly customized quizzes and surveys in Flash or SCORM formats. You can customize the layout, colors, text and graphics according to your choice as well as use images and audio in quiz questions. QuizForce production can be used directly on your website or uploaded to your LMS.

QuizForce production is compliant with PowerPointForce and WordForce which allows using your quizzes in Flash presentations made with PowerPointForce and WordForce web content.

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Word Force

WordForce Authoring Tool

WordForce Authoring Tool allows quickly converting MS Word documents into web pages and SCORM packages. Apart from using all Word possibilities you can also add quizzes, interactive content and use the converted content in your LMS or website.

WordForce production is compliant with QuizForce and PowerPointForce which allows adding QuizForce quizzes into your WordForce content and use it in Flash presentations made with PowerPointForce.

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PowerPoint Force

PowerPointForce Authoring Tool

Being unable to use a MS PowerPoint presentation on a website is a frequent problem for content authors, especially for those working in eLearning. The problem can be quickly and efficiently solved by installing an add-on for MS PowerPoint, PowerPointForce Authoring Tool, that allows converting MS PowerPoint presentations to professional Flash or SCORM content. Converted presentation can be directly used on websites and Learning Management Systems.

PowerPointForce production is compliant with QuizForce and WordForce which allows adding QuizForce quizzes into your PowerPointForce presentations and use it in your WordForce content.

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