Dear clients, JoomlaLMS team would like to announce the launch of a new service - JoomlaLMS Branded App. The service implies the development of a customized rebranded mobile app and its submission to Google Play Market and iTunes. This is not just about changing the logo and the color scheme but developing a completely new mobile app with its own listing, app icon and your company’s name on it. There will be absolutely no link with the official JoomlaLMS Mobile App.

Official Mobile App vs Branded App

What is the difference between the JoomlaLMS Official Mobile App and the JoomlaLMS Branded App?

Official JoomlaLMS Mobile App:

  • Is listed under the JoomlaLMS name and icon;
  • Requires entering the website URL where JoomlaLMS is installed;
  • The color scheme and logo are applied automatically.

JoomlaLMS Branded App:

  • Is listed under your company’s name and icon;
  • Has your company’s logo, a color scheme and fonts;
  • Has all the features of the JoomlaLMS Official Mobile App plus customized functionality can be developed on demand;
  • Has its own listing on Google Play Market and iTunes.

What are the benefits of the JoomlaLMS Branded App?

If you have a white-labeled JoomlaLMS version, there is no reference to the JoomlaLMS brand or the JoomlaLMS website anywhere at your site. You must admit that asking the users to download and install the JoomlaLMS app nobody has heard of is quite confusing. The branded mobile app service allows you to have a unique app for your company, college or school. There won’t be even need to enter the website URL as it will be encoded in your app. This is quite convenient, right?

How does it work?

  1. You purchase the JoomlaLMS Branded App at our store;
  2. A JoomlaLMS representative gets in touch with you to discuss the app functionality and individual needs;
  3. You send us the app name, icon, logo, description, splash image and the website URL (don’t worry, all the instructions and image requirements will be provided)
  4. We publish your app on Google Play Market and iTunes either under your account or ours (it is up to you).

How much does the JoomlaLMS Branded App cost?

The JoomlaLMS Branded App costs $199, but for a limited period of time the price is only $149.

It is an annual subscription allowing you to get the app updates, support and maintenance. If you decide not to prolong it, the app will remain published on Google Play Market and iTunes. Only the updates won’t be available. Additional customization can be provided at an additional charge.

The limited offer will end in October, so hurry up!

!!! Please notice that you need to have the latest JoomlaLMS version for JoomlaLMS Branded Mobile App to run. If you need assistance with the uprgrade, please contact the support department.

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