Flipped Learning along with such eLearning terms as mobile learning, gamification and storytelling is a buzz word today. To adjust to the rapidly changing learning environment and engage a modern learner who is independent, mobile, impatient and easily distracted, teachers have to abandon habitual instructional methods in favor of new and experimental methods of teaching. And flipped learning, based upon growing in popularity videos, is the very thing.

Well, think about it!

  • There are 300 hours of videos uploaded to YouTube every minute[1].
  • Recently added by Facebook, Instagram and Twitter video sharing features and News Feed algorithm changes in favor of videos only prove that people tend to watch even more videos.
  • 66% of higher education institutions use videos for remote teaching and learning, while 46% of them apply flipped learning technique in the classrooms [2].
  • 95% of companies use videos for training and learning[3].

What about the eLearning field, can you flip an online classroom?

Sure! A physical classroom is replaced by a webinar session; online videos are delivered via a Learning Management System, communication tools, attendance records, test, quizzes and homework are used to turn a distance course into a fully-fledged online flipped classroom.

And what is great, there are no exclusions in what concerns the types of classes you can flip. There are even examples of teachers who flipped their physical activity and dance classes[4].

To prove it, let me bring as an example a case of BITSPEC training organization that deliver the Six Sigma courses, requiring advanced knowledge in math and statistics.

JoomlaLMS and the BITSPEC CASE

BITSPEC International Training Organization has been using the Learning Management System on Joomla platform to deliver the Lean Six Sigma course certificates since 2012.

Dorina Grossu has over 20 years of professional work experience in a variety of environments such as automotive manufacturing, banking, education and healthcare. She led the entire accreditation process for courses certification and organization.

The Flip class module was introduced in January 2014 in an effort to enlarge the audience and their participation. Although training and education are a part of any company business objective, most of them deliver the training in class because the eLearning presents many challenges mainly when the courses teach business concepts that require knowledge in math and statistics.

bitspec elearning

By introducing the flip class version, the company tried to also overcome the weaknesses in knowledge.

The main benefits are lower costs since the sessions can be shortened while the candidates still have access to the entire curriculum for the entire year. Because the flip class requires face-to-face presence, it makes it easier to socialize and connect at both personal and professional level. The introduction of webinars is another way of ensuring that the candidates can keep up with the pace of learning. Since eLearning requires most of studies to be done individually, the students have to stay focused while both the webinar and flip class are removing some of the pressure from them.

JoomlaLMS works easily for both the flip class and webinar format. Students can learn and read the material prior to the flip class but still in class they will do the quizzes and homework directly on the LMS. While homework still requires the Professor's verification, quizzes are automatically verified. The training material is presented as Learning Paths and contains the SCORM, homework and quiz as well as videos for each chapter on how to use software. In addition, students have additional material accessible and stored under Documents.

Bitspec courses

What will work better in future will be a combination of webinars, flip classes and eLearning. Depending on the type of course that each organization is teaching, the flip class works when there are enough candidates available to participate while the webinars can solve easily some of these challenges. JoomlaLMS offers the opportunity to introduce all of the above methods that can be easily used to teach and train.

The case demonstrates that every class is “flippable”. You as a teacher need to understand what works best for your students and put as much effort as possible into making the learning effective.

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